Saklan Happy

In an effort to do a little something fun with our Friday Flag, we asked families to create their own version of Happy by Pharrell Williams. This video certainly made everyone smile and happy this morning!

Special thanks to Noah M. (8th grade) for putting the video together!


First Week of School with Ms. Jessica

Ms. Jessica’s Hoot Owls & Owlets have had a fantastic first week of school! They spent this week exploring our new outdoor learning spaces and getting to know some new friends, as well as reuniting with old ones. They began talking about our neighborhoods and the important people who work in our communities. They looked at and drew maps of our own neighborhoods.

During their conversation about Moraga, one student told a story about a skunk they once saw. Turns out the class had a lot to say about skunks and even more questions to ask! They delved deeper and learned some facts about skunks. They even danced like skunks do when they are about to spray! It was an unexpected but fun way to discover more about some of the nature around us. Our students and teachers have been so thrilled to be back on campus learning from each other!


ECE Scavenger Hunt

Together even while apart, the Hoot Owls and Owlets have been participating in weekly home scavenger hunts with Ms. Jessica. Some of the things our ECE students have been tasked to find: their school backpack, something that begins with the first letter of their name, a photograph, something with wheels, a favorite book, something silly they can wear, and (an all-around favorite) someone they love.

The Hoot Owls and Owlets have been so creative with some of the trickier prompts! They got a chance to tell their friends a little bit about each item they found. It’s been a blast getting to know each other better this way, while also including siblings and other family members in the fun.


Thank You!

The Saklan Student Council, along with our partner Pledge to Humanity, would like to thank the Saklan Community for making our food drive a huge success.  We collected 1,415 pounds of food for the Monument Crisis Center. Together we made a difference for struggling families in our county.


Our Art Fair Goes Online!



When the Art Fair was cancelled, Miss Natalie wanted to figure out a way to still share the amazing artwork created by all our artists. A lot of thoughtfulness, patience, hard work, and creativity went into these amazing works of art. Just too good to not share with our Saklan community and beyond!

Artsonia is the world’s largest online collection of student art portfolios. Schools all around the world use this platform. It does need your consent as a parent because of the online public presence your child’s artwork will now have. This week an email was sent from Artsonia and once you give permission to display your child’s artwork online, you are able to view all other artwork that is public as well. The online art gallery will officially launch next Friday, May 22, 2020.


Le Tour de Quarantine

Hats off (or helmets should we say) to Mac and his family for taking the live storytime to a new level. Mac, Melanie and Ben read The Cycling Wangdoos by Kelly Puller in their Le Tour de Quarantine. If you want a good laugh, take a few minutes to enjoy their live reading.

If you would like to do a live reading, please contact David at  Live readings are done through Zoom every Tuesday and Thursday at 7:00 pm.


Owlets Became Scientists!


April was a Scientrific Month! The month’s theme was Science and Springtime. The Owlets had an amazing time becoming scientists and learning about making observations, predictions, watching chemical reactions, why certain things don’t mix, and so much more.


The Owlets did a celery experiment where they filled cups halfway with water, added food coloring, added celery sticks, then made predictions of what they thought was going to happen, and how many days it is going to take This experiment taught them about capillary action. This is the process of how plants take water from the ground up through their roots and bring it up the stem, to the leaves, and to the petals. By doing this experiment, they got to see first hand how this happened because with them adding food coloring to the cups of water, they got to see how the capillaries carried the water up and to the top. The celery changed color to whatever the water was colored.


Another science experiment they did was wax resist cards. This is when you draw with a white color crayon, paint over with watercolor, and then you can see what you drew because the wax resists the water color paint.


The Owlets did so many more fun science experiments like why oil and water don’t mix, sink or float, and lemon volcanoes.

The Owlets also made Earth Day promises: made spring flowers and crowns, and did a chalk challenge where they thanked all the essential workers and people around their neighborhood. It was a fun-filled month!


Sink Or Float?

The Owlets have been busy with their science studies. This week’s science experiment was sink or float. First, the students picked five objects in their house. Then, they made predictions of what they thought that object would do, sink or float. They wrote it all down so they don’t forget their predictions. Finally, they conducted the experiment to see if their prediction was right! This was a fun, at-home science experiment.


Owlets Have Fun With Science And Springtime!

The Owlets’ theme for the month of April is ‘Science and Springtime.’ They have started doing some science experiments and spring activities at home.

Their first week has already started with some chemical reactions by mixing vinegar and baking soda together.


Another Owlet friend had fun taking the experiment in another direction. She had fun mixing colors together and seeing what colors you get when you do.

image1 (8)

The Owlets also did a static electricity butterfly. This was where they made a butterfly from a construction paper body that was glued to a piece of cardboard, but the tissue paper wings were not glued down. Then they took a balloon and rubbed it in their hair to the static electricity which made the wings move them up and down like it was flying because the balloon got a static charge. From the static charge the negatively charged balloon was able to move the positively charged tissue paper wings to fly. One of our friends didn’t have balloons, but they still found other things to use to move the butterfly wings, like this comb to get the same results and static charge.

image1 (5)

The weeks to come, the Owlets will have more fun with science experiments and springtime fun like this spring egg wreath.