Traveling Teddy Bear Coming To Saklan

Traveling Teddy BearArriving this week, you will notice a Teddy Bear on campus! This Teddy Bear is named Matteo and is an international traveler. Matteo is part of the Traveling Teddy Bear Project that connects students around the globe! He will be stopping in some of our classrooms and doing activities with our students.

The Traveling Teddy Bears Project was started in 2014 with the goal of connecting young children in classrooms across the globe. This year each of our bears is supporting one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals to help spread awareness in schools around the globe! You can learn more about these goals here:

Matteo is the oldest teddy bear to be a part of the Traveling Teddy group. He was born in New Jersey in 2005.  He loves traveling, learning about cultures, making friends, learning languages, dancing, and reading. He is ready to travel, learn, make friends, and read to many children around the world. Matteo is also very sporty and enjoys  yoga, swimming, baseball, running, and working out.unnamed

Matteo supports Global Goal #4: Quality Education. He believes that everyone deserves to go to school and have opportunities to read, write, and learn!

Matteo is currently in China from there he will be coming to Saklan, then to Ireland, and Canada.


Fall Fun


To get into to the fall spirit, the Owlets carved their class pumpkin. First, they did their five senses with it. They told Mrs. Amanda what the pumpkin smelled like, what it felt like, what it tasted like, what it sounded like, and what it looked like. They guessed how many seeds could be in the pumpkin. Then, they washed the seeds and roasted them. When Mrs. Amanda asked if they liked pumpkin seeds or not, the majority of the children answered yes. It was a lot of fun!

Owlets had an amazing Halloween party and pumpkin hunt on the 30th of November. It was very cute to see the children hunt for their pumpkins and get excited when they found theirs. Halloween was a blast. It was a lot of fun for the children to parade through the school and attend Flag in their Halloween costumes.


Community Helpers

For the month of September, the Owlets have been learning about community helpers.

Last week, the children had a guest expert, Officer Baiza come in and talk to them about being a CHP Officer. He showed the Owlets his cool CHP truck, what he had inside his truck, and they even got to pretend to drive it. It was a lot of fun.

image3 (3)

Then on Friday, the Owlets visited the Moraga Gardens Farm. The children saw what farmers and gardeners do, and what it takes to run a garden or farm. The Avant family even let the Owlets eat lunch in their backyard, play with their toys, and meet their chickens. It was another fun day!


Owlets are Ready for a New School Year!


We are so happy to have welcomed 17 new Owlet friends this 2019/2020 school year! They have transitioned very well and love making new friends. The Owlets also enjoy music class with Ms. Chaffey, P.E. with Mr. Crabtree, Spanish with Maestra Ester, art activities, outside time, and inside activities.

It has felt to Ms. Amanda and Ms. Erin that these new Owlet friends have been in school for 6 months, not 2 weeks. We are so excited for a wonderful school year and watch these sweet Owlets blossom!


Earth Day Promise

The Owlets and their 6th grade buddies got together and did an Earth Day project. They worked together to create a mosaic Earth out of small pieces of paper. Then they had to come up with ideas to help keep the Earth clean and beautiful.

After they finished their projects, they got to play together on the turf. It was a lot of fun and the Owlets sure do love their big buddies!


Owlets Visit the Oakland Zoo

For the month of March, the Owlets have been learning about zoo animals. To end this theme, they decided to go on a field trip to the Oakland Zoo. The children had a lot of fun seeing all the animals. They even took a train ride to see the animals from Australia.

Some of the zoo animals they learned about were: tigers, lions, giraffes, elephants, and rhinos. They enjoyed seeing the animals in real life and remembering the facts they have learned about each animal they saw. The fun project that went along with this trip was field trip stories. This is what they said about the zoo:

” My favorite part of the zoo was seeing the gorillas.” – Catalina

” My favorite part of the zoo was seeing the tigers. Tigers are my favorite animals.” – Rowan

” My favorite part of the zoo was going on the train.” – Miles

” My favorite part of the zoo was seeing the giraffes and elephants.” – Ada


Beep! Beep!


The Owlets had so much fun learning about Transportation in January. They learned what transportation is and the different types of transportation such as airplanes, helicopters, hot air balloons, boats, ships, car, trucks, big rigs, bikes and trains. They learned that the first successful airplanes were invented by Orville and Wilbur Wright; they learned who flies the plane (pilot and co-pilot); they learned that transportation can go by roads, air, sea, and tracks. One of the last things we talked about were the signs that are posted for vehicles to follow – what they mean and why they are important. Please ask your Owlet to share what they remember with you!

To end the unit, the Owlets got to ride the school bus around the block. They also brought in their own modes of transportation: a bike or a scooter and they rode them around. It was a lot of fun! #Saklanexperiental

Saklan Buddies


Last week, the Owlet and 6th grade buddies collaborated their creative skills by creating Valentines for our neighbors at Aegis of Moraga. This activity tied into our January Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) theme of inclusion, as we are extending our Saklan Valentine celebration to others in our community. The buddy program at Saklan allows for students from various grade levels to build relationships, practice communication skills, and teaches the older buddies essential leadership skills. It is a well-loved tradition! #SaklanConnected #SaklanCompassionate #SaklanCreative

Moving Up Day!

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Wednesday was a special day for our elementary campus. All of our PS – 5th grade students got to “move up” to next year’s grade for a portion of the morning. This has been an annual tradition so that the students get a snapshot of what next year could be like. The teachers planned special activities that highlighted their grade and enjoyed getting to know their rising students a little better. If your child “moved up” on Wednesday, please ask them all about it. I’m sure they will have something enthusiastic to share! #SaklanConnected

A Visit from a Feathered Friend

Tumbling down from the sky and landing in our play yard, our Owlets and Hoot Owls had a special visitor this week. They were deliriously excited, to say the least. A pigeon!  Close up and personal! They were amused and had many questions. Their curiosity was uncontainable. Look! He has a green bracelet! What is it? Why is it here? Is it hurt?

Our little Friend was tagged with his “name” and his owner’s information. After a little bit of detective work on the American Racing Pigeon Union site, we were able to find out that he was lost and where he came from.

To make a 2-day story short, our Feathered Friend is at home with Matt from Concord.  Matt says “Thank you” to our Owlets and Hoot Owls for showing compassion and concern for the safety and well-being of our Feathered Friend.