News from the Sports Court


Last week we held our 2nd annual Lunch Time Hula Hoop Contest.  Sixteen competitors started at the beginning of lunch and fifteen minutes later there were only two left.  They held a tie breaker with two hoops each.  Five minutes later Jack D.(1st) was champion!
Our intramural sports will continue in January with a school wide soccer tournament.  Also in 2018 we start our busy interscholastic sports season against other schools.  A soccer game is in the works along with a full schedule of basketball games.  During the spring we will play volleyball.  All fifth through eighth graders are eligible to participate.  More information will also be sent out regarding the schedules.  If you are interested in participating or helping out in any way please contact Mr. Crabtree at  Thank you.
Let’s Go Saklan!

The Lion King KIDS

The Saklan School Presents


Please join us for our Annual Lower School Play on Friday, December 15th at 10:30AM.

Willow Spring Auditorium (across the street from the school)

Our 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders are working hard to get ready for a fabulous production!

News from the Sports Court

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The fall Wiffle Ball Series concluded yesterday. This was a competitive round-robin tournament between four teams. After the first round, three teams had tied records. A hat draw matched the teams up for semi and final rounds. The Bumble Bees won the championship with a walk off grand slam. Good job to all players!

Next up is the hula hoop contest. Let’s go Saklan!

Saklan Is Fast!

Last Tuesday afternoon, The Saklan School participated in a foot race around Lafayette Reservoir. Twenty racers in grades fifth thru eighth from three different schools ran 2.8 miles. Colin (5th) and Wesley (5th) represented Saklan.
Foot race Laf Res
Congratulations to Wesley who came in first overall with a time of 21:53! This is the second year our school has participated and the second year Saklan has finished first!  Another couple of events are in the works so stay tuned. Let’s go Saklan!

Dia De Los Muertos

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On November 2nd, Saklan students celebrated “Dia de los Muertos.” They built an altar to honor Frida Kahlo who was a famous Mexican artist. The students made orange and yellow paper flowers for the arch. These colors are used to attract the souls to the altar.  They also learned that an altar must have three levels; a picture of the person being honored, their favorite food (pan de muerto), skulls (calaveritas), and a bowl of water to quench thirst. Finally, do not forget to light candles to shine the way to the altar.

First Grade Robots

The 1st grade is in the science lab this month learning about robots and coding. Students have taken part in a few challenges. First, with a push button mouse, students had to learn how robots think, and how that is different than we do. They moved their mouse through a track to reach food, water and finally shelter after avoiding danger, such as a cat and fire.


Recently, the 1st graders have moved on to Wonder Dashbots. These are app based robots where the students learn to code for different tracks, sounds, lights, etc. Next, they are going to be making them move through an obstacle course.

Music Class At The Zoo

Kindergartners spent the day at the Oakland Zoo celebrating the Festival of Animals that they have been learning in Music.

With each piece of music, the children had to hunt to find the corresponding animal.

Lots of fun was had by all!

Fifth Grade Rockets

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The last few weeks the 5th grade has been coming to science lab to learn some basics of astronomy. They have learned about the big bang theory, scaled down the solar system, learned about the formation of the moon, and discovered how our sun produces its energy. Lastly, we have been discussing space exploration, and so the 5th graders worked together to create their own rockets to shoot off!

News From The Sports Court

The 2017 Hopscotch Tournament has concluded. Starting with forty-six competitors, the semi-finalists were: Colin T. (5th), Mr. Zippin, Mr. Javier, and Wesley G. (5th). The final match was played during Thursday’s lunch between Mr. Zippin and Wesley. This match was very close with both players on the eighth square. Wesley made the final pitch to the ninth square and was victorious.

Congratulations to Wesley, the 2017 hopscotch champion!

Chemistry In Action


This week, the 8th grade went to Smitten in Lafayette to see chemistry in action. The students saw how a dream to make the best ice cream involved understanding of matter, thermal dynamics, and engineering. Smitten uses local ingredients, machines that make evenly cooled ice cream, and liquid nitrogen to ensure the smallest ice crystal formation and smoothest texture.

Students saw ice cream being made by the machines, nitrogen boiling, and enjoyed a scoop themselves. It was a very tasty and interesting field trip!