Loom Building and Weaving


The 3rd grade is exploring textiles from around the world. They will be weaving and building their own circular loom.


The very first step is creating their own loom out of a clay slab. They will add texture and three dimensional elements to the loom. Along the way, students will learn how to identify the origin of a particular textile based on its pattern. After the loom is complete, the students will learn to weave!

Students Experience Rain Forest in Virtual Reality

This week, the 7th grade spent time in the Borneo Rain Forest using virtual reality viewers. Students were able to have a 360 degree view of the forest and see for themselves different plants and animals that make their home there. While their main job was to learn about different adaptations organisms have for living there, the students also seemed to really enjoy the feeling. Whether it was standing in a mangrove forest, being in a cave with bats, or being inches from a cicada, they seemed to “feel” like they were there. If it did get a bit too much, as it is quite a different experience, students could take a time out and use a tablet to experience this as well.

¡Felices Fiestas!

Saklan’s students had a “POSADA” this week. Posada is a tradition that gives the opportunity for students to enjoy a fiesta in a true Hispanic fashion. As part of this tradition, middle school students decorated their classmates’ candy bag to show how well they know each other. In fact, a student said “The person who decorated my bag knows me very well.”


The students took turns swinging at the piñata filled with candy while onlookers sang an encouraging verse “Dale, dale, dale; no pierdas el tino, porque si lo pierdes, pierdes el camino.” Once the piñata was broken, kids collected the falling candy to fill their bags. It was a party filled with cheerful socializing and wishing each other Happy Holidays, Felices Fiestas, in Spanish.

Hopscotch Tournament

The Saklan School’s Third Annual Back to School Hopscotch Tournament has concluded. Back in September over forty contestants started a single elimination tournament playing hopscotch during recess.


The matches where very close, with a few perfect games. Aaron (7th) finished fourth. Sadie (4th) finished third. The final match was between Niko (3rd) and Harrison (8th). Both finalists played perfect games and another finals match was needed to determine a champion. Harrison pulled it off with Niko close behind!


Shout out to all the competitors, they all did a great job! The next recess contests will be a hula-hoop competition and the Saklan Cup soccer round-robin.

Middle School Art Elective

This Middle School Art Elective focuses on the human form in Sculpture. Students can proportionately sculpt the body or be inspired by artist Alberto Giacometti’s figures. The students create their figures out of foil, pipe cleaners and tape, before using paper mache.

Some of the students are making separate props for their figures such as a skateboard, surf board, book, and a lacrosse stick. The last class will be spent painting the figures.


The 1st grade is in the science lab this month learning about robots and coding. Students have taken part in a few challenges. First, with a push button mouse students had to learn how robots think, and how that is different than we do. They moved their mouse through a track to reach food, water and finally shelter after avoiding danger, such as a cat and fire!

Recently, the 1st graders have moved on to Wonder Dashbots. These are app based robots where the students learn to code for different tracks, sounds, lights, etc. They have become awesome little programmers!

Self-Portraits by Middle School

Each student in the Middle School Green Block (grades 6th-8th) is working on their self-portrait. They are starting the process using the grid method. This is a technique used to accurately draw large scale. The students use their rulers to accurately draw the contour of their face and shoulders. They will finish the portrait in gray scale and learn shading and blending techniques.

Atomic Attire


The eighth grade have been studying the Periodic Table. Each student had to pick an element they were interested in learning more about and create an artistic shirt showing the electrons, protons and neutrons, the history of the element, and uses of that element in real life.

Due to poor air quality before the break, the students were not able to do their fashion show at flag, so we made you a little video of them showing off their element shirt and walking the catwalk.

Set Design MS Elective

The Set Design Middle School Elective is thought by Ms. Natalie and Maestra Padilla. In this class, the middle school students are working hard to complete the backdrop for the Lower School play, James and the Giant Peach. This Art class is in collaboration with the Music program and a great opportunity for the kids to work on a larger scale.

Their main focus right now is completing the Giant Peach! See their work and enjoy watching the Lower School play on Wednesday, December 19th at 1:30 pm!

Volcanoes in the Classroom


The 6th grade just wrapped up their volcano unit. They learned about different types of volcanoes and their parts, where they are located, what type of eruptions occur, dangers and advantages of living by active volcanoes, and how they create different rocks and formations.

Students looked at different types of igneous rocks, tested different fluid viscosity to see how different lavas might flow, and then built their own shield volcano and tested off different batches of “magma.” They determined the speed of flow, what minerals make the lava flow slower, and how those different flows cool into different rocks. The students also learned about historic volcanoes and ones we still might want to be concerned about. It was a lot of fun!