News From The Sports Court

The 2017 Hopscotch Tournament has concluded. Starting with forty-six competitors, the semi-finalists were: Colin T. (5th), Mr. Zippin, Mr. Javier, and Wesley G. (5th). The final match was played during Thursday’s lunch between Mr. Zippin and Wesley. This match was very close with both players on the eighth square. Wesley made the final pitch to the ninth square and was victorious.

Congratulations to Wesley, the 2017 hopscotch champion!

Chemistry In Action


This week, the 8th grade went to Smitten in Lafayette to see chemistry in action. The students saw how a dream to make the best ice cream involved understanding of matter, thermal dynamics, and engineering. Smitten uses local ingredients, machines that make evenly cooled ice cream, and liquid nitrogen to ensure the smallest ice crystal formation and smoothest texture.

Students saw ice cream being made by the machines, nitrogen boiling, and enjoyed a scoop themselves. It was a very tasty and interesting field trip!

6th Grade Science Lab

The sixth grade has been learning about earthquakes. In doing so, they were tasked with building a four story building that could withstand an earthquake.

The students were allowed to use different earthquake technologies which can reduce the shaking to a building. These included x-braces, cross braces, mass-dampers and extended building shapes.

Each student created their own design, and we tested them to see which building would allow for the least amount of shaking.

Moraga Community Garden

Today, the 8th graders toured the Moraga Community Garden in preparation for their Family Group lesson next Tuesday. They learned about composting irrigation, pollination and harvesting of crops.

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This year’s Family Group activities will have a focus on food  in our society. This is the first of our lessons, so we saw it fitting to start where food begins – in the garden.

Hot Air Balloons

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This week the 8th grade created hot air balloons that would help test the ideas of buoyancy and Archimedes Principle, along with Charles Law in Chemistry. Using paper, glue, tape and paperclips (to act as a ballast), they engineered balloons that they thought would create the largest lift when filled with heated air.

The students tried many times to create lift. After some on the fly design changes, and adding different amounts of air, we finally got lift off! The engineering processes was in full effect with the 8th graders, and when hitting snags in their designs, they were able to tinker their designs and way of thinking to accomplish their goal! This was one of the few new engineering projects the students have taken part in this year!

MS Choir at 9/11 Commemorative Service

The Saklan Middle School Choir performed the National Anthem at a commemorative service on the 16th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. Organized by the Moraga Chamber of Commerce and Moraga Orinda Professional Fire Fighters Association.

The Future of Food

Here are some highlights from the EF Tours Leadership Summit in Milan, Italy: The Future of Food. Our students heard from truly inspiring speakers as they navigated the problems in the food system. They paired up with other students from around the US and the world, to problem solve and make prototypes of solutions, and learned new perspectives from others around the world. It was an amazing experience.

Newton’s Revenge Roller Coaster Problem

In Algebra I, 8th graders reviewed correlation, scatter plots and trend lines by solving a fun problem about roller coaster safety. They measured their heights and compared to their reach. They also compared it to the smallest student at Saklan. They noticed a strong correlation between a person’s height and reach no matter how tall they were.

Come to flag next Friday to learn more, and see our data and graph.

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News from the Sports Court


One week left to sign-up for the 2nd Annual Back to School Hopscotch Tournament. So far there are 40 competitors! The competition is for students 1st– 8th grades and faculty.  Bouts will commence September 11 during recess and lunch, and will continue as a single elimination tournament in the weeks following until there is a champion. Get your markers ready and start hopping!

Keeping cool in the shade

The weather still feels like summer! The dog days of August are upon us; luckily The Saklan School has plenty of shade to stay cool. During these few HOT weeks, we will be exploring the rest, relaxation, and recovery phase of physical education. So far this year, the students have had some fun with our new parachute. Water bottles encouraged!

News from the Sports Court


The sign-up for the Second Annual Back to School Hop-Scotch Tournament has begun.  The competition is for students 1st- 8th grades and faculty. Bouts will commence September 11th during recess and lunch and will continue as a single elimination tournament in the weeks following until there is a champion. So get your markers ready and start hopping!