Day 100 in 1st Grade

Group with projects

First Graders celebrated their 100th day of school by making “100 Days Smarter” cheerios necklace, wrote numbers 1-100, rolled the dice to reach a 100 and many more! Students enjoyed their celebration and are proud of their growth after 100 days of school.



Mr. Metzger the Storyteller!

Boys, smiling

To end our Penguin Unit for the month of January, Mr. Metzger visited the first grade class and read a book called ” The Lost and Found Penguin”. The book is a profound story about the importance of friendship between a boy and a penguin. Thank you, Mr. Metzger!

Kindergarten & 1st Grade Art

The Kindergarten and first grade classes tapped into their expansive imaginations while looking at Rorschach inkblot tests. After discussing what they saw in the symmetry, they created their own Rorschach paintings. They were pleasantly surprised with the results every time!

Invention Exploratorium

The first grade class learned about simple machines.  They each invented their own machine and then created those machines using various scraps of recycled materials.  During their presentation, they had to explain how this invention would work and why it was helpful.  Great job first grade!

Constellations, What A Sight!



These creative constellations, fashioned from marshmallows and Q-tips, were made by the imaginative first grade class. The first graders presented all the facts and stories behind their individual constellations. The “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” was a great tune performed by the class to wrap up their “out of this world” space unit.

Here are some of the pictures from their field trip to the Chabot Space and Science Center.

First Grade Field Trip to Safeway

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First grade students have been learning about communities. One of their topics was producers and consumers. Last week, they went to Safeway to take a peek of the products in a grocery a store, see how some of them are made, and to meet people who provide services and deliver fresh goods in stores in our community.

Family Groups This Month

This past month, the students at Saklan have been learning about Self-Regulation. On Tuesday, our 8th graders led their first family group meeting of the year around this topic: helping the students to recognize or identify when they need to help themselves to achieve a goal, task, assignment and being able to get themselves back on track. The students watched a video staring cookie monster, where he must fight his urges to eat his cookie partner in order to save a princess. The students saw that sometimes not one solution is enough.

Each family group was then given one issue that might happen at school, and came up with tools that could help them overcome that, so they can get back to the task at hand.   These included: when a child is stressed, when they can’t stop giggling, when they are angry or upset (at a friend or situation), or when they are having a hard time focusing. Each family group made a poster showing their tools on the cookies, surrounded by their own cookie monster! Come check these out in the breezeway!

First Grade Field Trip to LHS

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The first grade class learned about Pond Life. We ended the unit by doing an indoor workshop called “Finding Animal Clues.” It was a great experience for the kids and they were brave enough to touch different kinds of animals. The first graders also became detectives and worked together to solve a mystery.

Homes Around The World


Meet the architects and builders of fabulous homes around the world in the First grade class! We discussed what homes have in common, learned a lot about different countries, climate, culture and resources.

First Grade Paul Klee Project

The first grade recreate Paul Klee’s Castle and the Sun. Using rulers, they started with a castle outline and then continued dissecting each building in the cubist style. Here they use watercolor and evenly distribute the colors for a cohesive composition.