Why Do You Donate?


”What wouldn’t I give when my children are blossoming in an environment that nurtures the love of learning and allowed to be themselves confidently! I wanted them to have a different learning experience than the one I grew up having; where going to school is an exciting event rather than a dreadful one that I’ve felt growing up. Going to Saklan every morning, as we drive 45 minutes each way, is a day my children look forward to. That’s enough of a reason for me to give.” 

Jenny Choi

Makenna (7th) and Nikko (4th)


The Power of Saklan

The Saklan School is a special community whose essence is often easier to capture through the senses than with words. Perhaps sometimes it is easier to feel than to describe. Families and teachers feel connected and purposeful. Students are engaged and confident. Academics are challenging and meaningful.

It is the essence of Saklan that founded our mission to Think Creatively, Act Compassionately, and Live Courageously. These same principles have laid the groundwork for our school’s growth and longevity. As we continue our 66th year, we would like to focus on the Power of Saklan. To that end, we have created three new videos to help identify and explain the fundamentals of who we are as a community and why families continue to find a home at Saklan.

It is our hope that these videos have captured the spirit of Saklan, and that you see within them why you are part of our community. We hope you are inspired by these videos and share them with friends, family, and colleagues.


Why Do You Donate?


“Every year when we donate to the Annual Giving Fund, we know we are investing in not only in our daughter’s future but in the future of all current and prospective Saklan students. The money we give goes directly to the school through educational programs, financial aid and faculty development classes that help make Saklan the amazing school that it is.”

Bo and Geri Buhl
Bjerre Buhl, 6th grade


Fall Family Get Together

Pumpkin Carving Picture

Although this fall has been challenging for many of our families with power outages and fires, it was the intense winds that changed the course of our Pumpkin Decorating and Carving Get Together last weekend. Moraga Commons was blowing too intensely to make it an enjoyable afternoon. We would still like to give much love and appreciation to Lori O’Keefe and the PA for organizing and planning an enticing fall gathering for our community. The number of RSVP’s is a great indicator that we would love to continue this tradition for years to come. Thank you again, Lori, for the inspiration!


Meet Music Substitute Kimberley Lloyd

KimberleyWe are pleased to introduce Kimberley Lloyd, our long-term substitute for Mrs. Chaffey. Mrs. Chaffey will be on Family Leave from October 21st until January 6th.

Kimberley is currently studying for her Masters of Music at Holy Names University in Oakland. She holds a Bachelor of Education Honours with a specialization in Music from the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama. She has eight years of experience teaching music in schools. Before she moved to the Bay Area, Kimberley was teaching 5th through 12th grades in Australia using the Kodaly method.

Kimberley is experienced in chorale teaching and leading musical ensembles. She is very passionate about her choirs and she works hard to make sure that her students not only enjoy choir but that they produce quality sound. She has also led percussion groups and other small ensembles. Kimberley believes that the positive benefits of playing as a group are wide reaching; it boosts children’s confidence and enhances their aural skills. Engaging students in learning to read music notation and develop aural and practical skills is a basic and necessary skill that she is passionate about. She uses a variety of teaching approaches,materials and tasks to ensure that her students are engaged and motivated.

Kimberley has been here this week to meet the students and work with Mrs. Chaffey. We are excited to officially welcome Ms. Lloyd on Monday!


Library Part 2 – Saklan’s Infamous READ Poster

Last week, we highlighted our parent volunteers and their work in the library. Last week, we received our READ poster from the printer featuring last year’s Auction winner Lilia Ghassemi. Lilia is an ardent reader who loves reading because it allows her to imagine herself in different situations. She is a fan of both comedy and drama.


One of her favorite books is Click’d by renowned author Tamara Ireland – a story of girls, coding and an ethical dilemma. Lilia is currently reading Switched at Birthday by Natalie Standiford. The novel is a story of two young girls who have the same birthdays but nothing else in common. Thank you, Lilia for supporting reading at Saklan!


Saklan’s Library Guardians

Library volunteers

This summer, a few parents and the PA approached the school offering to dive in and help with a Library makeover. They have been busy since the start of the year thinking and working (even giving up a Sunday) on reorganizing and beautifying our Saklan Library. After consulting with teachers, they have started to revamp the library to look and feel more like a bookstore, making access and organization easy for students to understand. They have sourced a new cataloging system and digital check-out software. With those tools, we will be able to move forward with ordering new books that will fill some of the gaps our library has (especially in the areas of diversity and global thinking). Keep an eye on this spot as they have bigger plans for the library, including a Birthday Book Program and family discounts at local booksellers.

Dear Guardians, Saklan thanks you!


Saklan Runs on Volunteers


One of the many strengths of the Saklan community is the base of volunteers we have to help us with everything we do. While the school could most likely operate without volunteers, we would seriously be half the school with half the program if we did not have volunteers helping us. On that note, the Parent Association would love additional support in the following committees. If you are interested or have questions, please email Sandy Lo at sandralo@gmail.com!  Thank you for your time and energy!

  • Uniform Exchange Committee – Need 2 more
  • Lower School Musical Parent Committee – Need 1 more
  • Middle School Musical Parent Committee – Need 2 more
  • Auction Committee – Need 3 more
  • Yearbook Committee – Need 2 more
  • Book Fair Committee – Need 1 more
  • Art Festival Support – Need 1 more