November & December SEL Focus: Compassionate

Saklan’s social-emotional learning emphasis for November and December is compassionate. During these two months, all Saklan students are discussing what it means to be compassionate and looking for ways to show compassion with others. On Tuesday, November 29th, the first – eighth graders will meet with their family groups and take part in cross-grade level discussions and activities to gain an even greater understanding of being compassionate.


We’re Having a Fiesta!

Save the date because we’re having a Fiesta! This adults-only event will be held at the Holy Trinity Cultural Center on Saturday, March 11th at 6:00 p.m.

The Saklan School’s Annual Auction is always a great community building event. Most faculty and staff attend, and proceeds from the auction are invested directly back into your children’s educational experiences, in and out of the classrooms. Book your babysitter today, you won’t want to miss this Fiesta!

Volunteers Needed! 

Saklan is looking for volunteers to help us procure great auction items and plan the event! We have roles big and small, including reaching out to potential donors (generally via email to local businesses you love to visit!), helping with decor, and setting up for the auction. Click here to see available volunteer positions

Want to help with the event but don’t see a role that suites you? Email Emily at and let her know. 


Growing Foods & Treats/Snacks

The Hoot Owls have been learning about health and nutrition! With Maggie, they practiced listing and sorting food into two main categories: growing foods and treats/snacks. They have also been working on identifying foods from different food groups, including: fruits, veggies, dairy, protein and grains.

The class read the book Veggies Don’t Scare Me at All! by Julana Massey to introduce different vegetables and how eating them can help bodies and brains grow. They also played a fun grocery shopping game where each Hoot Owl received a shopping list and shopping cart. The Hoot Owls reinforced their fine motor and early literacy skills by finding everything on their shopping list and placing it in their cart!

Costume Parade & Dancing

On Monday morning, the Saklan students were very excited to don their Halloween costumes and participate in our annual Costume Parade! The parade route took the students out the admissions door, through the front parking lot, and back to the Sports Court.

The students and teachers waved to the onlookers, as parents cheered and took pictures along the route.

Once on the Sports Court, Grace led the community in some Halloween songs and dancing!

Thank you to all the parents that joined us and cheered the students on. The students enjoyed waving to you and spotting their parents along the parade route!

#SaklanCommunity #SaklanCreative

Student Council Officers

The Student Council at Saklan is a special experience for the officers, class representatives, and the whole school community. Students running for Student Council must run a clean campaign that is positive. The candidates can only win if they show dedication and true commitment to making Saklan a better place. To become a member of the Student Council, middle schoolers must earn their space on the ballot through a rather lengthy process.

First, each candidate writes a Letter of Intent that talks about their strengths as a leader and why they want to be part of Student Council. They also must develop a yearly plan of activities for whole school fun, as well as community service ideas. Second, students make two campaign posters. Third, they are interviewed by the faculty Student Council representatives (Jennifer and Kim). During the interview, each student receives a scenario, and must explain their solution to this issue. Fourth, students write a speech and read it to their advisor and the community, earning points for speech quality, creativity, and delivery at CLAS. Finally, students vote and the ballots are tallied. If a candidate wins the popular vote they earn 10 points; otherwise they earn 5 points. There are a total of 55 points available. The student with the most overall points for each position becomes the Student Council member.

Congratulations to our 2022-2023 Student Council Officers!

  • Sadie-President
  • Eliana-Vice President
  • Kori-Activities Chair
  • Andrea-Secretary
  • Nikko-Treasurer
  • Astro-Publicity Chair

Get Ready for Orange Envelope Day!

Saklan’s 22-23 Annual Giving Fund (AGF) officially begins next Tuesday, October 25th with Orange Envelope Day! All Saklan families are invited to join us in celebrating Orange Envelope Day by dropping off the orange envelope and donor form that was mailed to you in the orange box in front of Saklan. 

Thank you to those who have already made a gift. Below are important things to know about Saklan’s AGF.

What is the AGF?

The Annual Giving Fund is Saklan’s yearly fundraising drive that raises money to support the amazing people and programs that make Saklan special.

Why do we have it? 

Saklan relies on the generous support of the community to create such a vibrant place for children to learn and develop. The funds raised through the AGF allow Saklan to provide the many extras that make Saklan the incredible school that it is—personal attention from dedicated teachers, an engaging curriculum, arts, music, Spanish, STEM, and physical education at all grade levels. 

Is there a Goal?

This year, our goal as a school is to have 100% of families participate and raise $170,000 by December 2. Join us by making a gift that is personally meaningful to you. For some families that may be $20, while for others that may be $10,000. 

How can I make a gift?

You can make an AGF gift via the following methods:

  • Cash or a Check payable to The Saklan School
  • Online using a Credit Card – The online platform gives you the option to set up recurring payments that allow you to pay for your donation over several months. 
  • Invoiced through the Saklan Business Office.

Have questions about Saklan’s AGF? Feel free to reach out to Emily at

Thank you for your support of Saklan.

#SaklanCommunity #SaklanAGF

Personal Development & Class Growth

Our 6th graders recently spent a week at Westminster Woods, an environmental education and character development program, nestled in 200 acres of redwood forest in Sonoma County. Students hiked through the redwood forest, scoured the Dutch Bill Creek, ventured through a high-ropes challenge course, and took part in many team building challenges.

On Monday morning, the sixth graders loaded into a Saklan van for the ride to Westminster.

On Tuesday, the sixth graders went for a blindfolded hike up a steep hill, waded down a man-made salmon ladder, found a blue scorpion under a log, and meditated on gratitude and the role models who changed their lives.

On Wednesday, the students used microscopes to explore organisms in the creek, discovered wildlife, including a very large giant pacific salamander they named Kleopatra, and wondered aloud about things they are curious about. The sixth graders also had a brave and glorious adventure in the dark, hiking solo, discovering glow worms and shooting stars, and practicing animal adaptations.

On Thursday, there was lots of Gaga ball, connecting with the Westminster staff members, the ropes course, fort building, and most of all sincere and deep sharing of truths between classmates and community.

On Friday, the students returned to Saklan very tired, but thankful to have gotten the opportunity to get to know their individual selves better, to challenge themselves, and develop deeper bonds as a class.

Thank you to Grace, John, Christina and the staff of Westminster Woods for supporting the sixth graders on this journey of personal development and class growth.

#SaklanCourageous #SaklanCommunity #SaklanFieldExperience

Upcoming Open Houses

The 2023-2024 admissions season officially kicks off next week! Saklan has several Open Houses planned:

  • Middle School Virtual Open House: Wednesday, Oct. 12, 2022, 9a.m. – RSVP
  • Lower School Virtual Open House: Wednesday, Oct. 26, 2022, 9a.m. – RSVP
  • Preschool/Pre-K Virtual Open House: Wednesday, Nov. 30, 2022, 9a.m – RSVP
  • Middle School Open House: Friday, Nov. 4, 2022, 8:30a.m. – RSVP
  • The Parent Perspective: Friday, Jan. 6, 2023, 12:00 p.m. – RSVP
  • Lower School Open House: Friday, Jan. 13, 2023, 8:30a.m. – RSVP

All prospective and current parents are invited to attend them. Feel free to invite friends or family members to join these events as well.

We encourage Pre-K families to join one of our K-5 Open Houses and for our 5th grade families to join one of our Middle School Open Houses, to see what’s ahead during your child’s experience at Saklan.

If you can’t join us for one of our Open Houses but are interested in learning more about Saklan, we will gladly give individual tours at a mutually convenient time. To schedule a tour or more about the admissions process, please reach out to the Saklan Admissions Office at

School Jobs

School and classroom jobs can help build a sense of excitement, community, and interdependence. These tasks, such as putting up the flag, cleaning the tables after lunch, or being the class helper give students the opportunity to exercise and practice decision making and reasoning. They also give students a chance to be responsible in a meaningful way: the children know that completing their job helps their school, classmates and/or teacher.

When children are given responsibilities like these, they feel valued, capable and respected, which in turn boosts confidence. Some of the jobs involve reading or counting, which can help develop literacy and math skills. The jobs may also give a nudge of encouragement to children who have not been volunteering for some of these tasks up until now. Our goal is that by having these jobs be one’s own special responsibility, our students will seize the opportunity to try out these tasks and to realize they are capable. 


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