Creative Hoot Owls

The Hoot Owls learned about two different artists. First, they explored concentric circles and the abstract artwork of Wassily Kandinsky. Hoot Owls were asked to talk about how the colors they chose for their artwork made them feel.

Next, Hoot Owls listened to a book about Henri Mattisse called Henri’s Scissors by Jeanette WinterThey learned about his later life and how much he loved making art with paper. Hoot Owls created their own artwork from colorful paper cut outs. The Hoot Owls also learned about artists, Frida Kahlo and Alma Woodsey Thomas this year. 


Thank You, Saklan Parents!

The Saklan faculty and staff expressed their gratitude for the surprises, gifts and treats during Teacher Appreciation Week. Thank you for making the entire faculty and staff feel special. We are so lucky to be part of and supported by such a wonderful community. Click here to watch the video.


Distance Learning Survey

Towards the end of April, we asked parents to participate in a survey created by Independent School Management aimed at measuring our successes and challenges with distance learning. Independent School Management is a consulting firm that advises schools across the world. While we did do well on the survey (scoring above most other independent schools), there were two big takeaways from the results.

The first is the difference in how much more challenging lower school students (especially the younger grades) find distance learning. While this is not surprising, looking across the spectrum of all other independent schools, this was a common trend. The second finding was just how important it is to attend to children’s social-emotional needs at this time. While we were not shocked to see this as an issue – we were surprised to see just how important staying connected to others is to kids during this time. If you are interested in seeing the detail, please click here


Re-Creating Art Masterpieces 

With art museums closed, institutions such as the Los Angeles Getty Museum made their collection accessible online. The museum challenged their viewers to choose their favorite artwork and re-create the painting. What does that look like?

Well, branching off of performance art, the 4th-8th grade took on the challenge. Using household items, costumes, pets, plants and beyond, they re-created the artwork of their liking. Each piece is nothing short of creative! The question is, who did it better?


Teacher Appreciation Week 2020

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“Your continuing commitment, love, compassion, positivity and dedication during this time are keeping our kids (and our families) going. We are extremely grateful for everything you’ve done for this community!” – Saklan Parent

Thank you to our wonderful families for making us feel so special this week! We love and appreciate you all!


COVID-19 Task Force

The COVID-19 Task Force will begin meeting this Monday to discuss Saklan’s response to our current crisis and what the start of the school year will look like. We know there are many questions out there regarding next year and not many answers. It is our full intention to be in person with students as much as safely possible. The work of the task force will be to look at the different scenarios for next year and develop responses that achieve that goal.

We would like to hear from you regarding your questions, concerns, and ideas. Please take this short survey to help our task force.

The members of the task force are:

  • David O’Connell – Head of School
  • Geri Buhl – Board of Trustees Co-Chair
  • Vickie Obenchain – Science Teacher
  • Karen Catanzarite – Kindergarten Teacher
  • Melanie Booth – Parent currently serving on three other COVID related committee
  • Dayna Long – Parent and Pediatrician
  • Jenny Park Choi – Board Member and PA Member

Other members of the administration and community will be invited as needed.


Virtual Book Fair

It’s (virtual) book fair time! Need to escape your life without leaving your house? Tired of reading the same book to your children night after night after night? Then head on over to

Rakestraw Books is an independent bookstore in Danville, CA and they are hosting Saklan’s (virtual) book fair. They have literally thousands of titles, suitable for children and adults of all ages. Check out the video below with Susan’s recommendations for the different age groups. (00:00 min. – for PreK, K and LS; 12:00 min. – for LS and MS; 24:00 min. – for MS, HS and Adults)

IMPORTANT: To order, simply fill your shopping cart with as many books as you want, then put the word “Saklan” in the coupon code box and click “apply to order.” This is the only way for Saklan to get credit for your order.

You filled your cart? You put Saklan in the coupon code box? Okay, now click “checkout.” At checkout, you will have two shipping options: Standard Shipping (this amount will change depending on how much you order) and a 99 cent pickup option.

IMPORTANT: The 99 cent pickup option only appears if your order is over $25. If your order is under $25 and you wish to use the 99 cent pickup option, please put PICKUP in the comments section. Your total will be manually adjusted once it is received by the bookstore.

Once a week, or once every other week depending on how many orders we get, all “pickup” orders will be picked up from Rakestraw and taken to Saklan. You will get an email telling you your order is ready for pickup and you are then free to come by Saklan at your leisure and pick up your new goodies.

Please share the virtual book fair with friends and family members! Saklan will receive 10% credit for all orders placed between now and the end of the school year so the more people who order the more Saklan will benefit. Just remember, you must write SAKLAN in the coupon code box for Saklan to benefit.

Questions or comments? Feel free to contact Tara (aka Kaylah’s Mom) at Thank you!


Subtraction Bowling

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The Kindergarteners have been busy learning about subtraction. This week, the children played Subtraction Bowling by lining up objects found around their home then using a ball to knock down or take away objects. The Kindergarteners then wrote their equation. Strike!