Science Discovery in the Owl Classroom

Some of Saklan’s youngest students are learning all about science! The Owls in Ms. Jessica’s class are spending the month learning what science is, what an experiment is, and the definitions of the words “hypothesis” and “observation.”

To bring their learning to life, the students are conducting an experiment of their own, using celery sticks and white flowers! The class put one of each into cups of water, then added different food coloring to each cup. They also left one cup of water uncolored.

Each student formed a hypothesis about what would happen, including:

“They will grow!”
“They will explode!”
“The water will get hard like Jello!”
“They will suck up the water!”
“They will get hot!”
“A raccoon will take the celery!”

The class will make observations every day to see which of their hypotheses are correct!


2021-2022 Days Off School

Planning has begun for the 2021-2022 school year, including a proposed calendar of schools breaks and days off. More detail about these dates and other important school events for next year will be coming, but we hope this outline will help Saklan families as they begin planning for the year ahead.

Aug19: Teachers’ First Day
Aug 25: First Day of School
Sept 6: Labor Day, No School
Oct 8-11: Fall Holiday, No School
Nov 11: Veterans’ Day, No School
Nov 22-26: Thanksgiving Break, No School
Dec 17: Half-Day
Dec 20-31: Winter Break
Jan 3: Professional Development Day, No School for Students
Jan 17: MLK Day, No School
Feb 18-21: President’s Day Weekend, No School
April 4-8: Spring Break
May 6: Teacher Appreciation Day, No School
May 30: Memorial Day, No School

Thank you for your support as we plan for another great year at Saklan!


Saklan Spring Break

As we prepare for a well-deserved Spring Break, we wanted to remind the Saklan community of a few guidelines and protocols regarding travel and our return to school.

With infection rates where they are, we will not have an all-school virtual learning period following spring break. That means that students who remain in California during spring break will return to campus for in-person learning on Monday, April 5.

For those of you who are planning out-of-state travel, please note that we are still following the guidance of the California Department of Public Health. Your child will have two options for quarantining upon their return to California:

  1. Quarantine for 10 days after returning to California.
  2. Take a COVID-19 test within 3-5 days of returning. With a negative test result, students can return to school after 7 days.

We know this is less than ideal, and are grateful for all that Saklan families have done to make in-person learning successful. With your support, we can continue our streak of all negative COVID-19 test results.

On behalf of the entire Saklan community, we hope your family has a safe, happy, and fun Spring Break.



During March, Saklan’s social-emotional learning focused on ways to be optimistic, which is especially relevant this year. While optimism is associated with being a “glass half-full” kind of person, there are lots of ways to be optimistic in everyday life:

  • Look for the good in others
  • Be a problem solver
  • Believe in yourself
  • Look for opportunities to learn something new
  • Take time for yourself to do the things you are passionate about
  • When things don’t go your way, don’t dwell on the negative. Instead, focus on what worked.

Focusing on the the things that make you feel lucky is also a great way to stay optimistic. In Ms. Rokas’s class, students completed a “craftivity” where they wrote four sentences that began with the phrase, “I am lucky…” They wrote their completed sentences on a four leaf clover – the ultimate symbol of optimism and good luck!


Pi Day Competition

This morning, Saklan held its annual Pi Recitation Contest, in celebration of Pi Day, which was March 14. Students who participate in the competition are challenged to recite as many digits of pi as they can from memory – no easy task!

For the first time ever this year, two Pre-K students joined in the competition. Congratulations to Anand and Elliott for joining in with the older students and stepping up to the microphone – we are so proud of you both!

Anand kicked off the competition on a high note by reciting an amazing 51 digits – a tough act to follow! The lower school was represented by Makena in first grade and Kaylah in third. From middle school, Ari in seventh grade and Isabel from eighth grade took their turn in the spotlight.

Each student did an incredible job, but we have to give a special congratulations to this year’s winner, Ari, who recited 101 digits from memory!

Thank you to all the students who participated and all the teachers who supported this year’s competition. We are so glad we were able to keep this annual tradition alive, and hope to be able to have a representative from each grade at a live assembly again next year!


First Grade Guest Scientist

The first graders in Ms. Maria’s class got a special treat when they were visited by a guest scientist…Saklan’s very own Meredith Avant! As part of the first grade earth materials unit, the class discussed how rocks are natural resources that can be used in many things. To wrap up the unit, they welcomed Meredith to their classroom to learn more about the unique drywall product she invented!

Most cement products are made by cooking the water molecules out of gypsum or limestone, and then adding water back in the desired shape of a wall board. This process takes an immense amount of energy. In 2008, Meredith’s company Serious Materials created Eco Rock, a drywall product made from recycled materials and different chemical reactions. The process she patented used just 20% of the energy needed for the typical drywall process. It’s no surprise that her product was named one of the 100 best inventions of the year by Popular Science magazine in 2008, and won the Green Tech Grand Award!

Thank you to Meredith for teaching the first graders that being a scientist rocks – sometimes literally!


Summer Fun at Saklan

Sign your child up for a summer of creative exploration during Summer@Saklan! Saklan’s summer camp offers children the chance to have fun learning new languages and cultures, creating art projects, playing games, meeting special guests, and more!

This year, Saklan is offering two, four-week sessions for both Mini Campers (ages 3-5) and Explorers (ages 6-11), with both Spanish and Mandarin options. Camp days run from 8 a.m.-12 p.m, and feature activities including on-campus field trips, fun workshops taught by members of the community, and projects designed around art, music, language, science, engineering, tech, and more!

A smaller camp size this year means more opportunity for your child to engage in deep learning and creative, outdoor play on the Saklan campus.

More information, including session dates and rates, can be found here.

For fun, engaging learning and play, there’s no better time or place than Summer@Saklan. Join us!


Saklan State of the School

On Thursday, March 18, join Head of School David O’Connell, along with other members of the Saklan faculty and community, for the 2020-2021 State of the School presentation.

The State of the School presentation is an opportunity to hear updates on Saklan’s admission statistics and financials, as well as stories from throughout the school year that provide insight into everyday life on campus. The State of the School presentation also looks forward to the year ahead, sharing lessons learned and strategic initiatives.

This year has obviously been full of unique challenges, with parents and family members unable to enter campus and many special events put on hold. The State of the School address provides an opportunity for the community to learn more about how the year has progressed, and will conclude with time for questions from the audience.

Saklan State of the School
Thursday, March 18 and 7:00 p.m.
Join via Zoom
Meeting ID: 868 3525 0995
Passcode: Saklan


Saklan Students Shine in Lamorinda Idol

A huge congratulations is in order for two Saklan students, Anna Tanner (4th) and Levi Kim (8th) who have advanced to the final of Lamorinda Idol Winter Edition!

Lamorinda Idol is put on by the Lamorinda Arts Council each year, to recognize outstanding singing performances from students in kindergarten through 12th grade who live or attend school in Contra Costa County. Singers can submit performances as soloists or as part of a group, and we’re proud to have Saklan students who have done both!

Anna is currently in the finals for the 3rd-5th grade soloists. Levi is a finalist in both the 6th-8th grade soloist category and the 9th-12th grade group category, as a member of L.A.M.E. 2020.

You can view Anna’s video here, and Levi’s videos here and here.

Winners will be announced this weekend, and on behalf of the entire Saklan community, we are wishing Anna and Levi the best of luck!


Yearbook Dedications

Saklan’s 2020-21 yearbook is in progress, and we’re so excited for all Saklan families to see what this unique year has looked like on campus. We also want to make all families aware of the opportunity to place special, personalized notes in Saklan’s yearbook.

You may design your dedications digitally or they can be handwritten. Special pictures, drawings, and notes are welcome and encouraged!


  • Be sure to include who the dedication is to and from.
  • If handwriting the dedication, please use BLACK INK only; a fine line marker works best.
  • Digital dedications can be submitted to If you prefer to submit a non-digital dedication, we can scan it for you.  
  • Please use high quality photos as much as possible.
  • All files must be in JPEG or PNG format at 300 dpi with a total file size of no more than 12 MB.
  • Be creative and have fun!


Dedication pricing :
$25.00 – Quarter (¼) page
$50.00 – Half (½) page
$100.00 – Full page (8 x 10.5)

Payment can be submitted to the front office, along with any non-digital dedications.

Questions? Please email

Thank you for your continued support of Saklan!