Admissions Update

Dear Saklan Community,

It is a busy time of year in the admissions office, but I write to you with immense gratitude, tremendous hope, and much information! Many of you have been asking questions about admissions, re-enrollment, financial assistance, etc., and so I wanted to clarify our process and what the next month looks like.

Typically January marks a winding down of admissions activity, as our deadline to apply is next Friday, January 22nd. Because we are living in a pandemic, things feel very different this year. I have been overwhelmed with interest in Saklan, both for the current school year and beyond. Not only has it been a great opportunity to share Saklan with so many new families, but it also reminds me every single day what a privilege it is to have our kids here on campus.

So, thank you. For helping to do your part to keep us safe and open, but also for spreading wonderful information about our school and our program to the broader community. Many of the inquiries I have received have come from friends of yours with whom you have shared your positive experiences. Our community is strong, and it has shown now more than ever.

Next Friday is our deadline to apply for Indexed Tuition/Financial Aid. It is important for families to adhere to this deadline so that our Committee can process the paperwork in time for re-enrollment.

On Monday, February 1st, current families will receive an offer to re-enroll for the 2021-22 school year. Tuition assistance will be reflected in those contracts. We are asking families to commit for the 2021-22 school year by Friday, February 12th. Given the volume of applications I have received this year, we can only guarantee your child’s spot if we have your contract and deposit by Friday the 12th. Thank you in advance for your understanding. 

Your children are the heartbeat of our school. Without your incredible trust in Saklan and our teachers, we would not be here. And I know I speak for many parents when I say that being here in person has breathed life back into a lot of our children. So, I thank you for your support, your cooperation, your trust, and your presence. 

In gratitude,

Melissa 🙂


Why We Give

As a family, we couldn’t be more grateful to the teachers, staff and community at Saklan for everything they have done to support each of our four children in their unique journeys as students and compassionate young adults.

While academic excellence is critically important to parents when considering a school, what we most appreciate about Saklan is the understanding that academic success is at its best when it is built on a foundation of social and emotional support in an environment tailored to the needs of each and every student.  

That is the gift we’ve received from the Saklan community and what we believe will be most influential helping its students find meaning and success in their lives. 

In addition to bringing challenge and change, 2020 has been a time for us to reflect on what we value the most in our lives. Community, critical thinking, adaptability and commitment to a compassionate world view and sense of responsibility. These are all values reinforced and modeled at Saklan and now more than ever, we’re inspired to give back in recognition of all we have received.

Kesa Yorozu & Robert Miller

Tyrrell (Class of ’15), Leo (Class of ’20), Hana (5th) & Mori (5th)

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The New Saklan Library

Welcome to the new Saklan Library! Two years ago a few parents started work on reorganizing and cataloging the entire library. These parents spent countless hours during the school year and over the summer hidden under piles of books. The library now has over 3800 books (and growing) in its catalogued collection. New books were added to all grades, including many books on diversity and social emotional learning. The elementary school has weekly library time, where they can check out and return books. The students are most excited about the new fiction series which they can then take home. 

Browse the collection online to put books on hold for your child through the Library Catalog and they will be delivered to your child’s classroom to take home.

Need help? Send questions to The library is here to foster a love of reading and love of books! 

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Collaboration Blocks

Have you heard about Saklan’s collaboration blocks? These large blue blocks have been a favorite recess activity since they were introduced at the beginning of December.

The blocks are manufactured by Imagination Playground, and are designed to allow for open-ended play, giving children the freedom to create and pursue their own play activities. These blocks have produced numerous creations, giving our students the opportunity to not only have fun, but to further develop their logic and mathematical skills, problem solve, use their imaginations, and develop inter and intrapersonal skills.

Working together with classmates to build with the collaboration blocks has provided Saklan’s students with many opportunities for creativity, fun and learning. Check out the pictures below to see some of the creations the students have built.

The collaboration blocks were made possible by gifts to Saklan’s Annual Giving Fund. Saklan relies on the generous support of the community to provide the many extras, like the collaboration blocks, that make Saklan such a vibrant place for children to learn and develop. Thank you to all our generous AGF donors.

#SaklanCreative #MadePossibleByAGFGifts

Why We Give

Saklan has been a wonderful, positive, nurturing, life changing, environment for our 8th grader, Blake, who has been attending Saklan since 6th grade. Blake transferred to Saklan in the October 2018 timeframe and it has been hands down the best decision for Blake and our family. The teachers, faculty and administration made the transition to Saklan seamless and in a short few months, Blake was thriving in school. The teachers are dedicated, motivating, encouraging, nurturing, instill discipline, and the coursework is adequately challenging. Blake is always eager to go to school and I am confident his middle school experience at Saklan has laid a strong foundation and prepared him for high school, college and beyond. I sat through the graduation ceremony of the 8th grade class in 2019, where teachers pay a tribute to each student, and there wasn’t a dry eye in the room. Through the course of the ceremony, it was evident due to the small school size, caliber of the faculty, and culture of the school, Saklan teachers become intimately familiar with a student’s personality, strengths, opportunities for improvement, progress, growth and maturity, and provide a strong, positive influence. The student population is very diverse and there are several opportunities students can participate in without judgement or barriers that might be a factor at a larger middle school, such as the school play and concerts. We are very grateful to be part of the Saklan community and thrilled to support the Saklan Annual Giving Fund.

Tia and Jeff Hutchinson

Blake (8th)

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Parenting in the Pandemic

On Monday, January 11th, Kehillah Jewish High School is hosting a night with Dr. Michael Thompson, and Saklan parents are invited to attend. Dr. Thompson is a clinical psychologist, school consultant and international speaker on the subjects of children, schools and parenting. 

Dr. Michael Thompson

This event, titled Parenting in the Pandemic for the Long Haul, will be held on Monday, January 11, 2021 at 7:00 PM. Here are the details:



During the month of December, Saklan students have been thinking about being thoughtful. Each class talked about what it means to be thoughtful and played a game of Thoughtful Bingo to help students learn ways to show their thoughtfulness. Some students even created their own Thoughtful Bingo cards, describing ways they could be more thoughtful at school and home.

Students also participated in a “Jar of Compliments” activity to help them thoughtfully recognize their peers.  This was a great activity to have them take note on what others bring to the class, and take time to recognize them.

Following these activities to help the students understand what it means to be thoughtful, each of the first through eighth grade students wrote down one way they can work to be thoughtful this winter. The thoughtful ideas were then grouped together into family groups and wreaths of thoughtfulness were created. Check out the wreaths below!

#SaklanFamilyGroups #SaklanSocialEmotionalLearning

Pandemic Parenting Course

Dr. Chelsey Hauge of Positive Parenthood is offering a free Pandemic Parenting Course. This 6-part course is for parents who wish to support their children in whole, peaceful, and gentle ways during this challenging time.  The course is virtual and self paced, so you can complete it when it works for you!


Why We Give

Since joining Saklan, we have seen a dramatic transformation in Levi and Willow into more confident and compassionate students. Saklan is a place where they feel safe, surrounded by a caring and supportive community. We know they can receive an outstanding academic education at other institutions, but we truly believe Saklan provides the right environment where they excel because they want to and not because they have to. Annual Giving Fund supports Saklan through hiring of the best educators, buying the best supplies and providing the safest environment for students. Supporting Saklan is a direct investment in our own children, and that is why we give.

Joy and John Kim

Levi (8th) and Willow (3rd)

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Winter Clothing Drive

Join the Hoot Owls in participating in a winter clothing drive organized by the local non-profit, Hip Hop for Change. The drive benefits unsheltered families and individuals in our neighboring communities. New clothes, gently used clothes and new toiletries will be accepted through January 7th. If you would like to participate, please place your donation in a sealed bag and drop it off in the donation bin outside the Hoot Owl classroom. See below for more guidance.