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Dear Saklan Parents,

Many thanks to all the parents that came to our Town Hall this morning. My compliments to all the Board Members, PA Officers and faculty for the excellent presentations that were given.  At the Town Hall, I announced that we would be starting a new order for this year’s edition of the very popular Saklan Hoodie.  Please look for ordering information in the Friday folder and in this blog.

Next week, we will be sending out re-enrollment contracts.   As we have previously communicated, and was discussed at the Town Hall this morning, tuition has gone up between 3.8-4.5%.  This is in line with other local independent schools and still puts Saklan about 10% lower than the average for the East Bay. However, we have again built in an early enrollment discount, which effectively cancels out the increase.  Parent referrals are still out biggest promotional tool, so please continue to spread the word about Saklan.

Have a great weekend!


Kindergarten STEM

Kindergartners were asked to build an upright snowman as tall as possible using just marshmallows and toothpicks. It was great to see the evolution of their thought and creativity as they used problem solving skills to achieve success. Way to think creatively, Kindergarten!


Field Trip with 3rd & 6th Grades

Damon, Savannah, Bianca.rotated

This past Tuesday, the 3rd and 6th grades went to Valley Vista Staging Area to help EBMUD remove invasive plants. Here are comments from some of our 3rd graders about the trip:

We went to EBMUD on Tuesday, January 23rd. On our field trip I learned how to use these garden tools and to not buy broom from the nurseries because they are invasive and they crowd out the native plants. My favorite part about the field trip was when I got to hold a newt.  – Ines

Lisa with a newt

The third grade class went to EBMUD. We learned that broom is an invasive plant. We got to rip out plants which was very fun. We saw a hawk which was super fun to see! -Savannah

We went to EBMUD on Tuesday, Jan. 23. At our field trip I learned that you shouldn’t buy broom from nurseries because they are not native plants and they are invasive. I liked the field trip to EBMUD because we got to get muddy and help the environment. -Sadie

We went to EBMUD. We went into the woods to take out all of the invasive species called brush. – Danny

We went to EBMUD and we saw a hawk. -Sammy

I learned what broom is and that broom is bad. It was fun using tools. I learned how to use new tools. -Zachary

Alex and Danny

I learned that scotch broom is not a native plant. It was fun to pull the broom out of the ground. I learned how to use new garden tools. -Damon

Going to EBMUD was excellent! I found out how to use these orange tools and trimmers. I also learned that brush is a bad plant. -Alex

4th Grade OP Art Cubes

Over the past month, the 4th grade learned a different technique each week to create OPtical illusions. Using only line and color, they created impressions of movement, hidden objects advancing or receding, and two dimensional objects visually becoming three dimensional. They are very proud of the hard work they put into their project!

Zentangle Ceramic Tiles

The 7th grade had some fun with Zentangles and translated their two dimensional designs into 3D. Using air dry clay, they created high, middle, and low reliefs to convey a sense of depth in their composition. Using color to reinforce depth, the students studied how warm colors advance and cool colors recede in a picture space.

Kindergarten & 1st Grade Art

The Kindergarten and first grade classes tapped into their expansive imaginations while looking at Rorschach inkblot tests. After discussing what they saw in the symmetry, they created their own Rorschach paintings. They were pleasantly surprised with the results every time!

Saklan Sweat Jacket Orders


Sweat Jacket Orders Have Been Extended for a limited time only.

Order by February 13th and receive your new jacket in time for the next

Saklan Spirit Day on Friday, March 2nd!

Cost is $26.82. Click here to place your online order today!

Head’s Corner

Dear Saklan Parents,

Next week we will have our annual Town Hall meeting.  This will be an opportunity for our community to reflect on the results of the last year and hear about plans for the future.  During this meeting we will be recognizing our faculty members who have arrived at 5, 10 and 15 years of service to the school.  It will also be an opportunity to hear from our Board of Trustees and engage in a conversation on the direction of the school in the years ahead. The Town Hall will be held on Friday, January 26th at the Willow Spring church.  The program starts at 9:00 am and will run about one hour.


On Wednesday, January 31st will have our Moving-Up Day for students in Pre-school and Lower School.  With the re-enrollment season ahead of us, students will have a chance to meet their future teachers, see the next classroom and get a taste of what it will be like at the next grade level.   At the end of January we will be sending out re-enrollment contracts.   We have again built in an early enrollment discount, which effectively keeps the tuition at this year’s level.  We are very eager to have all of our students back again next year, and do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about our programs.  Please share your experiences with your friends and neighbors who might be looking for an outstanding school with a supportive community.  While we have been stepping up our marketing every year, your referrals are still out biggest promotional tool. So please continue to spread the word about Saklan.

Thank you to Kim Manning for running the day-long Uniform Boutique today. As I mentioned at Flag, all items are free which made it the ultimate shopping experience!  Also remember that with the cold weather, we have decided to put no restrictions on outerwear.  However, once in the classrooms, all students must adhere to the uniform code.

Have a great weekend!



On our way to 100% Participation!


Did you know that foundations and corporations view high participation rates as an indicator of a school’s strength and health?  It’s true!  Your gift is seen as a vote of confidence in our students, teachers, programs and mission. Saklan is a school that others want to financially support, too.

Our goal is to reach 100% participation in our Annual Giving Fund from parents, trustees, faculty and staff. To date, our Board of Trustees and all of our teachers and staff have donated and pledged—leading the way at 100% participation in our Annual Giving Fund.  Yay!

Currently, our parents are participating at 56%. Well on their way to 100!

Here’s the breakdown by class:  
  3rd Grade  =  57%
Owlets  =  42% 4th Grade  =  58%
Hoot Owls  =  47% 5th Grade  =  58%
Kindergarten  =  50% 6th Grade  =  83%
1st Grade  =  40% 7th Grade  =  56%
2nd Grade =  64% 8th Grade  =  50%

Parents, if you haven’t already, you will be receiving a phone call from the school in the coming days. Pick up the call! We’re excited to hear from you!

Please donate/pledge today and reach 100% participation by tomorrow!

  • To donate online, please click HERE.
  • Giving by check? Please mail in or drop off at the office.
  • To pledge NOW and pay by May 15, 2018: Please email your commitment amount to development@saklan.org
  • Want to discuss your gift further? Please contact our Director of Development, Carol Goldman, at cgoldman@saklan.org

Thank you very much!


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