Music Enrichment Classes

We are excited to offer music enrichment classes this fall! The classes, listed below, will begin on Thursday, September 30th and run through December 16th.

  • Music & Movement for Preschool & Pre-K on Thursdays from 2:30 – 2:50 p.m. Students will experience music through play, movement and singing games. Students will work towards development of perceiving and performing the steady beat in music, identifying and understanding musical form, and recognizing musical opposites such as fast and slow, loud and soft and high and low. In addition, the classes will emphasize the development of proper vocal technique and health. Students in this class will receive complimentary Extended Day care from 2:00 – 2:30 p.m. on days the class meets.

  • Beginning Choral Habits for K – 2nd Grade on Thursdays from 3:00 – 3:30 p.m. The K-2 after school music course will be an opportunity for students to develop beginning choral habits and structure. Students will learn proper body alignment, breathing and vocal techniques and will work on developing beautiful blend with several unison choral arrangements. Later on in the year, students may work towards arrangements in canon and two-part harmony. Singing games will also be incorporated to allow for musical enjoyment and allow the students to engage the music with movement, imagination and creativity.

To sign your child up for one of the above classes, please click on the class name.


Enrichment Classes

We are thrilled to announce that The Saklan School will be bringing back after school enrichment classes for the 21-22 school year. For the fall session the following classes will be available:

Classes begin the week of September 13th, and have limited space available. If you are interested in signing your child up for one of the above classes, please click on the class name for additional information about the class and sign up options.

Saklan will also have enrichment opportunities for our Preschool and Pre-K friends that will be announced in the coming weeks. Our youngest students take a little more time to settle into the routines of coming to school, so we want to give them additional time before we introduce new classes into their day.


Saklan has CLAS

Students share appreciations during the first CLAS

Last year gave us time to think about some of the things we have done for years and how to do them better. One of those things is Friday Flag- a long tradition that we have held out in front of School every Friday morning. After conversations with parents, teachers and students, we will be moving to a new Friday morning assembly called CLAS (Community, Learning, Appreciation, and Sharing). 

The impetus to move to CLAS was to emphasize the aspects of Saklan we sincerely appreciate: our community, that love of learning is central to everything we do, that gratitude and appreciation is our lifeblood, and that sharing is how we all grow as individuals. 

CLAS will be held on the Saklan Sports Court every other week. This allows each division to meet on the off weeks and hold assemblies that bring them together as a smaller group; the Saklan Sports Court provides a more protected gathering space. 

Parents are invited to join us for CLAS by entering campus through the fire lane near the church right at 8:30 a.m.

Thank you to everyone who joined us this morning for our first CLAS! It was so wonderful to see our entire community in the same space and to hear the words of wisdom and appreciations that the students shared with us. Check out pictures from today’s gathering below.

#SaklanCLAS #SaklanCommunity

Kindergarten Science Activities

Kindergarten have been studying force and motion or pushes and pulls. The children first moved a friend on a swing by either pushing or pulling. They then used a model of a swing in the classroom to discover how different pushes changed the motion of the swing.

During PE, the class used force to beat Mr. Crabtree in a game of tug of war.

Next, the children learned about gravity as a force. Using different sized vehicles the class experimented how vehicles go down a ramp with the pull of gravity.

Finally, the class learned about wind as a force. With a straw, the children used the force of wind to create movement with a variety of objects. 


Kindergarten Celebrates Women’s History Month

March is Women’s History Month, and Saklan Kindergarteners celebrated with a musical tribute to one of our most noteworthy female signers – jazz legend Ella Fitzgerald!

While her career included many popular songs such as “Dream a Little Dream of Me,” “Cheek to Cheek,” and “It Don’t Mean a Thing (If It Ain’t Got That Swing),” it was Fitzgerald’s version of the nursery rhyme “A-Tisket, A-Tasket” that first got her noticed and launched her into stardom. Saklan Kindergarteners worked with Ms. Chaffey in music class to learn this classic song, and debuted their performance during Friday Flag.

Enjoy the kindergarten class singing “A-Tisket, A-Tasket,” below!


Kindergarten Paper Sculptures

What can lines create? Paintings, shapes, sculpture, and more!

In Art class this week, Kindergarten students learned that when something is flat, like a painting or a drawing, it is known as “two-dimensional.” When something is not flat, like a sculpture, it is known as “three-dimensional.”

Students explored sculpture further, learning that there are many sculptures all around us, and they can be viewed from multiple angles. Using strips of paper and glue, they learned how to make shapes, spirals, arcs, and zig zag lines to create their own paper sculptures.

The possibilities are endless to this sculpture project, as students can continue to add onto their existing structures. Their imaginations grow each time they build off another line of paper and relate it to something they have seen or imagined.

Throughout the project, listening to each student describe their creation brought the whole class some laughter and joy!


100 Days Wiser

On Wednesday, the Saklan students and faculty celebrated the 100th day of the school year! And what a year it has been.

In the Kindergarten classroom, 100 days of learning has more meaning than ever this year. After initially starting the year with online learning, the time in class has given the students the gift of working and learning together. Counting to Day 100 is also an important part of the Kindergarten math curriculum, as it incorporates number writing, counting by 10s, and place value.

To celebrate the 100-day milestone, the Kindergarteners matched numbered candy kisses to a number chart, built with 100 cups, sorted cereal into 10 groups of 10 before making cereal necklaces, created a picture of themselves at 100 years old, did 100 jumping jacks, and ate a piece of a “100” cake.

That’s a lot of celebrating 100! On to 101, 102, and more!


Polar Bear Experiments

Winter has brought a fun science unit about polar bears to the Kindergarten class. The students have watched videos learning that polar bears live in the arctic, hunt for seals, have a good sense of smell and really big feet! One of the favorite parts of the unit has been the experiments the kindergarteners conducted to further understand polar bears. First, the children made predictions to the question, “Does ice melt faster in saltwater or freshwater?” Then they observed ice in fresh and salt water and drew their observations at five minute intervals while the ice melted. The class learned that a polar bear can smell a seal below three feet of ice, so each student, with the help of a yard stick, tried to smell a Swedish Fish in an ice cube three feet below their nose. Next, the children experienced ice cold water with one hand covered in a bag of Crisco or blubber, and the other hand bare.

The students have drawn pictures of polar bears during in-class art projects and made a polar bear paw comparable in size to a real polar bear. 

If you have questions about polar bears, don’t hesitate to reach out to our new polar bear experts, the kindergarteners!