Collaboration Blocks

Have you heard about Saklan’s collaboration blocks? These large blue blocks have been a favorite recess activity since they were introduced at the beginning of December.

The blocks are manufactured by Imagination Playground, and are designed to allow for open-ended play, giving children the freedom to create and pursue their own play activities. These blocks have produced numerous creations, giving our students the opportunity to not only have fun, but to further develop their logic and mathematical skills, problem solve, use their imaginations, and develop inter and intrapersonal skills.

Working together with classmates to build with the collaboration blocks has provided Saklan’s students with many opportunities for creativity, fun and learning. Check out the pictures below to see some of the creations the students have built.

The collaboration blocks were made possible by gifts to Saklan’s Annual Giving Fund. Saklan relies on the generous support of the community to provide the many extras, like the collaboration blocks, that make Saklan such a vibrant place for children to learn and develop. Thank you to all our generous AGF donors.

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And the Winner Is…

After hearing the story I Voted, by Mark Shulman, and learning about the U.S. presidential election from Scholastic’s Let’s Find Out magazine, the Kindergarten students took part in their own election. With a voting booth, a ballot, a ballot box, and an  “I Voted” sticker, the children decided which animal the president should have in the White House, a dog or a cat. With an overwhelming majority, the children voted for a cat! There were a few tears of disappointment, but overall the Kindergarteners were excited to be part of the election process.


Square Pumpkins

Have you ever heard of a square pumpkin? Mrs. C’s Kindergarten class has! The Kindergarteners have been exploring 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional shapes. They built shapes using playdough and toothpicks, played shape BINGO and the shape game, “I Have Who Has.” Then, the students listened to the story, The Legend of Spookley the Square Pumpkin, where pumpkins are cubed, triangular and rectangular shaped. Later, the children painted their own square pumpkins. The Kindergarteners thoroughly enjoyed this hands-on exploration of shapes that incorporated math, language arts and Halloween!


Saklan Happy

In an effort to do a little something fun with our Friday Flag, we asked families to create their own version of Happy by Pharrell Williams. This video certainly made everyone smile and happy this morning!

Special thanks to Noah M. (8th grade) for putting the video together!


Force And Motion In Kindergarten

During our Science explorations, the Kindergarteners have been busy learning about Force and Motion. They learned that motion is what happens to an object after force has been applied. The children learned about different kinds of forces such as push/pull, gravity and air. Then the fun began.

To experience pushes, the Kindergarteners built a golf course with books and cups.

They had fun with gravity by building ramps with various angles.

Finally, they used a straw to blow and move a cotton ball, feather and bead. “May the force be with you.”


Thank You!

The Saklan Student Council, along with our partner Pledge to Humanity, would like to thank the Saklan Community for making our food drive a huge success.  We collected 1,415 pounds of food for the Monument Crisis Center. Together we made a difference for struggling families in our county.


Our Art Fair Goes Online!



When the Art Fair was cancelled, Miss Natalie wanted to figure out a way to still share the amazing artwork created by all our artists. A lot of thoughtfulness, patience, hard work, and creativity went into these amazing works of art. Just too good to not share with our Saklan community and beyond!

Artsonia is the world’s largest online collection of student art portfolios. Schools all around the world use this platform. It does need your consent as a parent because of the online public presence your child’s artwork will now have. This week an email was sent from Artsonia and once you give permission to display your child’s artwork online, you are able to view all other artwork that is public as well. The online art gallery will officially launch next Friday, May 22, 2020.


Kindergarten Review


The Kindergarteners reviewed sight words by playing a fun game called, “Hunt the House.” When in school, the children hunt for sight words around our classroom reading and writing them when found. This week, with the help of the wonderful Kindergarten parents, the Kindergarteners hunted their house and yard for 10 sight words proving reading is fun!


Le Tour de Quarantine

Hats off (or helmets should we say) to Mac and his family for taking the live storytime to a new level. Mac, Melanie and Ben read The Cycling Wangdoos by Kelly Puller in their Le Tour de Quarantine. If you want a good laugh, take a few minutes to enjoy their live reading.

If you would like to do a live reading, please contact David at  Live readings are done through Zoom every Tuesday and Thursday at 7:00 pm.