The Act Of Art Making!

Art can change a person’s outlook and the way in which they experience the world. The act of making art has the power to heal, bring hope, create willpower, and spread positivity to one another. It is important to note that making art doesn’t start or stop in the “art room.” Right now is an absolute testament to that. Our studios as artists can be in the bedroom, backyard, or at the kitchen table. As this time is one that limits our capabilities with respect to resources, it also gives us a chance to appreciate the fundamental aspects of life, family, and community. Do consider making art with your kids to experience the emotions they have in the process. I am sure they will teach you a thing or two!

The little Saklan artists have been more than excited to share their artwork online. These videos are bringing BIG smiles to our Google Classrooms! Here are a few projects they have found joy in making and sharing this past week. Enjoy!

Kindergarten & 1st Grade – Make a Card for Someone Special

Wishing you could send a happy message and bring a smile to someone’s face right now? Students were asked to think of someone near or far that they miss. Using lines, shapes, and colors, kids created a one of a kind card for their special friend or family member. With parent help, they can send their card to that special person.

Sisters that do art together, thrive together! 1st grader Peyton and Owlet Logyn sharing what shapes and colors they used for their card.

Eldana’s card to her friend Gabby
cameron art
Cameron’s card to his grandma

2nd Grade Picture Books

One thing that kids have stronger than most adults is their vast imagination and right now is a great time to exercise it! Students chose a subject they wanted to draw for their picture book. Each page was to have a drawing and a sentence telling a short story. In this project they are able to tell their own story right now, while illustrating those ideas in their own creative way.

Kai sewing the spine of his book

Mabel reading her Book About Dogs

Willow reading her book Princess Panda


Kindergarten Goes Shopping


The Kindergarteners have been learning about money. The children gathered some toys and their parents put a price tag on each toy. The children went shopping with real coins: pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters to purchase the toys. The children were encouraged to figure out two different ways to pay for a toy. Some students really enjoyed having a toy store in their house!



Week 2 of Distance Learning is a wrap. Here are some videos to brighten your day.

3rd graders sing Little Light of Mine during virtual Music class with Mrs. Chaffey.

The Kindergarten class is spreading love, hope and happiness with their virtual Beatles concert.

Carson (K) sings Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da by The Beatles during virtual Music class.

2nd grade Art Class with Miss Natalie.


Kindergarten Fairy Tales


Kindergartners have been enjoying reading fairy tales. Using the many skills introduced in their Reading program, the children discovered that fairy tales usually have good and bad characters, a setting, a problem and a solution, a beginning, middle and an end, as well as magic.


Fairy tale fun helps the children with the skills of sequencing and retelling a story.  The enjoyment was palpable as the children acted out “The Three Billy Goats Gruff”, complete with using our classroom tables as a bridge.


Day 100

February, as always, has gone quickly in Kindergarten. The long-awaited day, Day 100, finally arrived. It was spent working on many activities involving the number 100. The children matched numbers to the 100 chart, built a wall with 100 cups, made pictures of themselves of what they may look like at 100 years old, and counted out, by 10s, 100 food items to eat.


During calendar time, the children completed their 10 frame paper and finished “Zero the Hero” coloring.  These are activities the class has worked on every 10th day of school since August. Finally, the 10, ten sticks became a 100 flat with no 10 sticks and no ones, giving more meaning to place value=1 hundred flat, 0 ten sticks and 0 ones.


Charlotte’s Web

St Marys

At the end of January grades K to 4 went on a field experience to the Children’s Theater at St. Mary’s College in Moraga.

St Marys T

The St. Mary’s students there gave a fantastic production of a classic of children’s literature, beloved by youngsters and adults alike. Charlotte’s Web is a book that all Saklan students read in 3rd grade. The acting was amazing and the sets impressive. Tears and laughter (you know how it ends…) were had by all.


Got Backbone?

The Kindergarten has been going to the Science Lab in January to learn about living and nonliving things. Once they narrowed down what was living and what was not, they discussed many of the varieties of life on our planet. From worms, to dancing spiders, to turtles, and even themselves!

They spent one day learning about the importance of a backbone, and how cartilage helps us move and not splinter our bones when we bend. The students enjoyed protecting their spinal cord with noodle bones and gummy cartilage, and enjoyed munching on them afterwards!


Gung Hay Fat Choy!

Chinese New Year is the Chinese festival that celebrates the beginning of the new year on the traditional Chinese calendar. It is the most important holiday for Chinese people all over the world and it lasts for two weeks.


Cameron’s mom, Mrs. Lo, visited the Kindergarten class today and shared traditional ways to celebrate the Chinese New Year. The day before Chinese New Year is dedicated to cleaning to sweep the bad luck away and make room for the good. Everyone wears red on New Year’s Day to scare off bad spirits. They also have a big family meal with as many as twenty different dishes to show abundance. Mrs. Lo gave a lantern and a red envelope with coins to each Kindergartner. The children are supposed to put the red envelope under their pillow tonight and make a wish.

We wish you all great success, happiness and prosperity in the Year of the Rat!


Moving Up Day At Saklan!

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Every year, preschool through 5th grade students get to “move up” to next year’s grade for part of the day. The teachers plan special activities that highlight their grade and the students get to experience what next year will look like. Here are a couple of activities from Wednesday’s Moving Up Day:

3rd graders had the opportunity to ask questions and hear about all of the exciting adventures they will have in 4th grade.  They were encouraged to be Bookworms and read nightly, as well as become fluent in their multiplication tables to prepare!  They thought like engineers and designed their very own paper airplanes. Congrats to Jack Z. and Henry for constructing airplanes that flew the farthest!

One of the fun activities the current 4th graders had in 5th grade was a STEM Ski Challenge. Students designed and tested their skiers, and then they raced their teammates!


Math Starts With Counting


Kindergarten is just completing Unit 4 of the Math program. They are busy with numbers 0-10.  A child is said to have concrete knowledge of numbers up to their age. Observe your child counting a large number of objects. It is common to see a child recognize the correct number of objects, 0-5, without needing to count, but when there are more objects, 6-10+, children will skip objects and/or count objects more than once. A child may recognize the number 8, but not really know how many 8 is the way we as adults can quickly recognize 8 of something by breaking 8 down to 4 and 4, etc.


Therefore, in Kindergarten many activities are used to break down the numbers so the children can have more concrete knowledge. This concrete knowledge is actually the beginning of addition and subtraction. They have been completing 10 frames every tenth day since the start of school. During morning bin time, the children have been building 10 frames. One Math time activity involved counting the dots on dominoes and sorting them. The next Unit covers numbers up to 31 and the fun will continue!