Sharing Stories

The second graders have been reading books from the Little Miss and Mr. series. After reading several books they had to come up with an original character and create their own book and illustrations. Lilah’s mom, Lori Anders, took the drawings of their original characters and had them printed on t-shirts.

The second graders loved wearing their special shirts and reading their stories to the Owlets, Hoot Owls, and Kindergarten students.

A Whale of a Time

April brings the study of whales to the second graders. The first part of this unit is choosing a whale to research and using their ipads to look up information. They then met with their 7th grade buddies to look up more facts. This information was transferred to note cards for an oral report.

The second graders also made Save the Whale Posters and wrote a short essay on the importance of keeping our oceans cleancompared the sizes of different whales and charted it on a graph, looked up new vocabulary, used a Venn diagram to compare a whale to a fish, and read many additional books about whales. The highlight of this unit is when the second graders along with their parents go to MOCHA to make a model of their whale.


Earth Day

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This week, we celebrated Earth Day with a series of activities at school that involved our Family Groups. The program included a presentation by Classroom Safari – an educational and entertaining adventure into the wild. The animal ambassadors shared interesting facts about the animals diets, enemies, and special adaptations that help them survive. The students were excited about learning conservation and seeing animals from around the world. After the presentation, the students in Family Groups discussed what the idea of Responsibility has to do with animals and Earth Day.

Earth Day was organized by our wonderful Science Teacher, Vickie Obenchain, and supports our program of environmental education to make Saklan students aware of the issues that are confronting our planet.

Historical Characters Seen at Saklan

March is biography month in second grade. We have been reading many stories in our social studies and reading textbooks as well as individual biographies about people who have made a difference in our world. Each student then selected a particular biography to read. They wrote down facts from their biography book and Internet material about their famous person. They also drew portraits which we displayed in our classroom. The next step was to transfer this information to note cards, and plan their one-person show, costumes, props, and all.
The second grade parents were invited to our class to witness this historical presentation. The second graders also dressed in full costume and shared some of the information they had learned at our Friday Flag.

Guide Dogs

guide dogs

Members from the San Ramon Valley Guide Dog Puppy Raising Club brought some guide dog puppies in training to visit the second grade.


We presented them with our check of $343.00 that we had raised from our school bake sale. They gave a short lecture about what they do to raise a puppy to be a possible guide dog.

Do You Hear What I Hear?

The second graders are busy exploring the properties of sound and learning about the parts of the ear. They have done several experiments to see how sound waves travel. They discovered that without vibrations there is no sound. The students brought in “eggs-full-of-sounds” for us to guess, learned how to sign their names using the manual alphabet, and created original instruments. They enjoyed playing their instruments for some of the classes at Saklan. Who knew we had a brand new orchestra at Saklan!

Bake Sale Success

Cute group shot

Thank you to everyone for contributing to the success of the Second Grade Bake Sale. I also want to take this opportunity to give a special thank you to Lori Anders who organized this event and to all the special second grade parent bakers and helpers. The second graders raised $343.00 for Guide Dogs for the Blind!

Bake Sale for Guide Dogs

Guide Dog posters

Next Thursday, March 1st, Mrs. Schofield’s second grade class will be hosting a bake sale. All proceeds will go to the Guide Dogs for the Blind. All items will cost $1.00. The bake sale will start at 2:15PM in the Hoot Owl Classroom. Please come support the Guide Dogs!

A Magical Time

January was a magical time in second grade as the students worked on their  Dragon and Fairy Tale Unit.  After reading many fairy tales and fables they wrote original fairy tales. This assignment involved filling in a story map, writing a rough copy, editing, recopying, and then illustrating their stories and designing a cover.
They have enjoyed reading their fairy tales to some of the younger classes at Saklan.
There were also several projects that went along with this unit including making an “egg carton” dragon and painting a dragon and castle using watercolors. The students also memorized fairy tale poems and performed them for their parents. Lastly, the second graders and first graders went to St. Mary’s College to see a theater production of Puss in Boots.