Little Miss and Mr. Books

The second graders have been busy reading many Little Miss and Mr. books. The next part of this reading assignment was to create an original character (not one of the 86 already in the series) and plan their own story. After mapping out their ideas, writing a rough copy and editing, rewriting a final draft, and lastly illustrating their book they were finished! A very special part of this project was when Mrs.Mariangela Helgeson and Mrs. Ginelle Mills printed their characters on t-shirts. The younger students at Saklan loved when the second graders came to their class wearing their t-shirts and read their stories.

Lectures On Whales

The culmination of the Whale Unit for the second graders was an oral report. They dressed up as scientists and professors and gave a lecture for their parents on a whale they had researched. This included pointing out the various parts of the whale on a diagram they had drawn and labeled as well asking for questions from the audience at the end of their lecture. They have become very confident public speakers.

Whale of a Time

The second graders have been working on their Whale Unit. They have done many activities in this unit including graphing whale sizes, writing creative stories about their whales, making a “Save the Whales” poster, and writing a short essay about how important it is to protect our oceans.

They also each chose a whale to study and met up with their sixth grade buddies to do some research. One of the special activities of this unit was going on a field trip to MOCHA in Oakland to make a model of their whale.
Each student brought along a parent to help with this project. There were a lot of components to this unit, but as the second graders stated it was so fun! They definitely had a “whale of a time.”

Historical Visitors in Second Grade

March is biography month in second grade. We have been reading about many people who have made a difference in our world. Each student then selected one person to study. They read a biography, looked at internet information, and took notes about their historical person. The next step was to transfer their notes to note cards,  organize props, and plan a costume. We invited all the parents and some of the other classes at Saklan to come and hear the presentations.



Donation to a Worthy Organization

After learning all about the ear and how we hear the second graders began the study of color and sight. Once again, they did many experiments to see how light travels and how prisms work. They even learned how to write their names in Braille. The highlight of this unit was when members of the Contra Costa Dog Raisers visited our class. They gave us a short lecture about preparing puppies to become guide dogs for the blind. We also presented our donation of $355.00 which we raised from our school bake sale.

Music Music Everywhere!

As part of our unit on Sound and the Ear the second graders designed original instruments. They sketched their idea, labeled the parts, wrote a short description, and lastly created the instrument.

They enjoyed sharing and playing them for their friends in second grade and also playing them for other classes at Saklan.

Open for Business!

Thank you to everyone for contributing to the success of the second grade bake sale. A special thank you to Keely Dreisbach for helping me organize this event and to all the second grade parent bakers. We raised $355.00 for Guide Dogs for the Blind.

What Can You Hear?


The second graders are busy exploring the properties of sound and learning about the parts of the ear. They have done many experiments to see how sound waves travel. They held a clock at the end of a yardstick and listened to see if the sound traveled through the wood. They struck a tuning fork to see what happened if you held a ping pong ball on a string and let the tuning fork touch it or if you put the tip of the tuning fork in a bowl of water. They discovered that sound travels through solids, liquids, and gasses and without vibrations there is no sound. The children also brought in sounds for us to guess and even learned to sign their names using the manual alphabet.

Frank Stella Class Project

Based on Frank Stella’s Shoubeegi 3D painting (at SFMOMA), the 2nd grade started with cutting out organic shapes and painting in layers on cardboard.

Here they are gluing together their final compositions.

Second Grade Bake Sale


The second graders are hosting a bake sale on Thursday, March 2 from 2:30-3:30PM in the Hoot Owl room. We are raising money for Guide Dogs for the Blind. Later in the month members of the Contra Costa County Guide Dog Raisers will be bringing some four legged friends to meet us. We will then present our donation. Please come to our bake sale and support this worthy cause.