Cereal Box and Commercials Project


Each student read a book of their choice. After students read their books, they created a new brand of cereal that was related to their story somehow. The cereal boxes have creative names and illustrations on the front. The sides of the boxes explain the main characters, setting and story summary. Inside the boxes, students made a free prize, just like some real cereals have. Also, book recommendations were included.

Another part of the report was for students to create their own commercial presentations that we gave to our classmates. The purpose of the commercial was to “sell” their cereal and get kids to read their book.

If you are looking for a good book to read, our cereal box reports might give you some ideas. We will be putting our boxes in the library for you to look at. Way to go fifth graders!!

Discovery Voyage

Since Ms. O., our Science Teacher, worked with NOAA this summer on a research vessel, she wanted to share that experience with her students! Two weeks ago, the 5th and 6th grade students joined the Marine Science Institute for a four-hour expedition of the San Francisco Bay aboard a 90-foot research vessel, the R.V. Robert G. Brownlee. The students discovered what lives in the estuary and how we are connected to it. They rotated through three stations using scientific methods and equipment to examine different types of life.

First, they went to hydrology to understand the water quality, and then performed a plankton tow to see the basis of the food chain. After, they used a mud grab to collect a benthic mud sample to look for invertebrates. And lastly, they worked together to deploy a 16-foot trawl net to bring fishes on board. In small groups, they studied the fishes using dichotomous keys. Students were inspired to observe and touch the live animals that they collected. Between sharks, crabs, halibut and sting rays, they saw a bunch of cool marine life!

Sensory Words

Fifth grade students have been working on their Autobiography projects. They are producing some amazing writing! After they had learned about sensory words, the students went on a sensory walk, off campus, noting many sensory items.

They returned back to do a silent sensory experience with a cookie. Students were able to describe their cookies using sensory vocabulary. Lots of “sparkle words.”

Student Council Elections

The Saklan School recently held an election for Student Council. The students campaigned by writing speeches and presenting them at Flag. The students voted later that day. We announced the results of the election to the middle school students on Tuesday. Here is a list of the elected officers.

Max B. (8th grade) and Harrison L. (8th grade)


                Jordan D. (6th grade)                                       Makenna C. (6th grade)

                           Secretary                                                                  Treasurer

Evy A. (6th grade) and Elishka G. (6th grade)

Co-Publicity Chairs

Lauren A. (8th grade) and Phoebe K. (6th grade)

Co-Activity Chairs

We are very proud of all the students who ran and we are excited for a great year!

Fifth Grade Trip to Sacramento


Fifth graders traveled to Sacramento to learn more about the California State Capitol Museum.

Students went on a docent led tour of the building. This capitol building was the fifth. The building had been moved five times in the first four years. The Senate Chamber was very interesting.

Students were able to see the senators desks that were built in the 1860’s and are still used today.

In addition, the docent explained how a bill becomes a law in California. And that anyone can come up with the idea for a bill and submit it to their representative. One of the most important concepts they learned was that “We the People” are where the true power sits.

Family Groups


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This month, Family Groups discussed collaboration: working as a team, taking turns, listening to ideas, doing your best, and encouraging others. Students read the book: The Dot, where a girl is encouraged to find out she is actually a great “dot” artist. She ends up encouraging others to find out what they are good and what they bring to the community. Students were then asked to create their own dot with something they are good at and bring to their community. Each family group worked together to build paper and sticky dot towers.

Writer’s Celebration

Fifth graders had their Writer’s Celebration this week. Students shared their published stories as a culminating activity of their best fifth grade stories. Students worked together in writing clubs and with their peer editors to revise and edit each other’s stories. Many of the writing elements students learned were: creating interesting story leads, sensory words, interesting vocabulary, repetition, figurative language, “said” is dead, and character development. The published stories were illustrated and bound into a keepsake book. Way to go authors!!!


Earth Day

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This week, we celebrated Earth Day with a series of activities at school that involved our Family Groups. The program included a presentation by Classroom Safari – an educational and entertaining adventure into the wild. The animal ambassadors shared interesting facts about the animals diets, enemies, and special adaptations that help them survive. The students were excited about learning conservation and seeing animals from around the world. After the presentation, the students in Family Groups discussed what the idea of Responsibility has to do with animals and Earth Day.

Earth Day was organized by our wonderful Science Teacher, Vickie Obenchain, and supports our program of environmental education to make Saklan students aware of the issues that are confronting our planet.

Fifth Grade Marin Headlands Trip

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The fifth grade class visited the Marin Headlands for an amazing outdoor experience. The goal of the program was to broaden the student’s awareness of the natural world and his/her relationship to it. Students participated in many nature hikes, hands-on laboratory experiences, and many team building activities. They spent time learning about the many plant and animal species that live in the Marin Headlands. It was an incredible three days!

The American Revolutionary War


Fifth graders have been researching important historical figures in the Revolutionary War. Students completed an informative research report on their historical figure. They also created amazing hanger people. Using a hanger as the base, they designed and put together an accurate depiction of what their historical figure looked like.


Lastly, students wrote speeches to use for the presentations to parents on Thursday. Fifth graders learned many interesting facts about the Revolutionary War and important people that contributed to our independence.