Creativity Runs Wild During Art Time

The Explorers started the first week of session two with Fourth of July inspired art projects. Students decorated colorful pinwheels and constructed cardboard airplanes that they tested outside. Some campers took the materials from the art project to build their own bow and arrows and colorful hats. Throughout the week, these campers improved on their projects by further testing and developing their crafts.

In the second week of session two, Explorers used paper bags and plates to create their own farm at Saklan. Students made pink pigs, green turtles, and white chickens out of paper plates and construction paper. To make our farm more complete, campers also created farmers to take care of the farm and other farm animals.

During the final week of session two, our Explorer campers decorated their own personal paper fans with flag-related designs to use against the summer heat. Then, on Thursday, students used construction paper to create elaborate marble mazes, which they enjoyed during free time.


Explorers Enjoy a Magical Carnival

The first special Friday activity of Summer@Saklan Session #2 was a carnival on campus! In the morning, the Explorers tested their Pixar knowledge in an exciting Disney-themed round of Jeopardy, and then they were astonished by the illusions from the magician, Magical Nathaniel. Nathaniel dazzled the campers with fun and classic magic tricks. He called up many children to participate in his show. It was an honor to be chosen!


After lunch, campers played various carnival games for prizes and enjoyed themselves on two colorful jumping castles. At the end of the day, campers got to enjoy yummy refreshments and take home candy from the Saklan pinata. There were many smiles all around!



Exploring Nature in the Berkeley Hills

The Explorers’ second fun Friday field experience was a nature excursion to Tilden Park in Berkeley. In the morning, the campers visited Tilden’s Little Farm where the campers experienced farm life. They fed lettuce and celery to goats, sheep, pigs, chickens, and cows. The animals were so friendly that they were following children and leaping onto the fences. It probably was all of the delicious vegetables the children had to offer!

After a picnic in the Tilden Nature Area, campers rode on a steam train, where they experienced an intimate look at all of Tilden Park and the greater surrounding Bay Area. Many children loved to feel the wind in their hair and smell of nature all around.

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Learning Adventures at the Exploratorium

The third Explorers field experience was the most adventurous yet with the campers making an expedition to the Exploratorium in San Francisco. Throughout the day, campers got to experience various hands-on science exhibits.

With a multitude of exhibits to try out, campers learned about the various ways we see, hear, and touch the world we live in. Some of the favorite simulations were seeing how quiet they can walk on gravel, seeing an image of their friend’s faces after a bright light was shone, and rotating a bike wheel to make rope fly. The campers also enjoyed spending time near the San Francisco Bay and watching all the boats go under the Bay Bridge. It was an educational and adventurous trip all in one!

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Staving Off Summer Slide

The Mini Campers have been staving off the “summer slide” during the first session of camp by practicing their Spanish with Maestra Stefany. The campers learned about cultures and traditions of Spanish speaking countries, and even cooked some regional cuisine! They have been keeping their bodies busy too with water play days twice a week, visits to the sports court, and lots of outdoor games and activities.

They kicked off their summer with a fun “Donuts for Dad” Father’s Day celebration. They welcomed new and familiar dads, grandpas, and other family to join them for breakfast and coffee while getting to know each other. It was a great time and we thank all the special visitors who celebrated with us!


The Mini Campers have been exploring the local community through field experiences to Moraga Commons Park and Pixieland in Concord.


They also had a special visitor come to Saklan – Wonder Woman came to show our mini campers some super tricks and train them to become super heroes themselves.



Explorer Adventures

In the first week of Summer@Saklan, the Explorers went to Paddock Bowling. Campers, both bowling experts and novices, enjoyed watching their bowling balls go down the alley and hitting the pins with their new friends. After bowling, the campers enjoyed some arcade games. During our picnic, campers told riddles and jokes.

In the second week of camp, the Explorers went on a space and science adventure at Chabot Space and Science Center. Split into three teams, the campers enjoyed a documentary about astronauts, learned about the Milky Way through hands-on simulations, and created marble structures.

In the third week, the campers went to Sky High, where they jumped on trampolines and played team games. After Sky High, the campers enjoyed diving on the diving boards and completing obstacle courses. After each field trip, campers cooled down with some popsicles while chatting about their adventures.


Saklan Campers Unite Through Art


In the first week of Summer@Saklan, Explorers welcomed the summer season by decorating a poster with their summer plans and designing their image as Saklan campers.


In the second week, campers designed their own planet and galaxy by mixing colored paints with plastic foil, and made slime by mixing glue, food coloring, and baking soda solution. The campers were super excited!

For the third week of camp, campers were transformed into superheroes. They designed their own frisbees and boomerangs with their own logos and designs. Then, they brainstormed and created their own superhero character. Saklan Campers Unite!


Swimming in the Summer Sun

_MG_9552 (2)

On Mondays and Wednesdays, the Explorers enjoy swim sessions at the Campolindo High School Soda Aquatic Center. At the Soda Aquatic Center, the kids have one of the three pools to themselves for usually an hour or more.


For campers enrolled in swim lessons, those swimmers receive specialized swim lessons Monday through Thursday from a trained instructor based on their personal skill level.

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Some of the skills taught in swim lessons include: a variety of swim strokes, proper swim form and technique, water safety, and how to properly use a high dive.


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