Inside the Egg

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Hoot Owls learned about the 21 day embryonic development of a chicken. The children took turns opening pretend eggs that show pictures of the changes occurring inside an egg. Hoot Owls shared the picture inside the egg with classmates during circle-time. Together they talked about what specific changes they noticed from egg to egg. The whole class cheered when they opened egg number 21 and a small toy chick popped out!

They explored the eggs a little more closely by choosing four very different stages of egg development to study and draw. Hoot Owls decided that the beginning cluster of cells should be called, “The Little Nothing Stage.” They appropriately named the second transformation, “The Little Blah-Blah Stage.” #SaklanHandsOn

Hoot Owls Grow Crystals


The Hoot Owls tried out a science experiment where they grew crystals on pipe cleaners with laundry detergent. They measured the detergent, just like “real scientists,” into plastic mason jars. Then, they twisted and bent pipe cleaners into interesting shapes that they taped to the inside of the lids. They watched as a grown up carefully added hot water to detergent and mixed it together. The Hoot Owls began creating hypotheses right away when the solution in one of the jars turned pink! They continued to hypothesize as the days went by.


They observed some pipe cleaners grew small crystals while others grew little to none. All the pipe cleaners were supposed to grow crystals…. so they might try this experiment again following a different recipe. Another teachable moment: Sometimes experiments go according to plan and sometimes they don’t, but scientists have to try and try again! #SaklanHandsOn

Gung Hay Fat Choi!

The Hoot Owls learned about Lunar New Year. Happy year of the pig!


Cameron’s mom, Sandy, visited the Hoot Owls and shared with them traditional ways to celebrate Chinese New Year. Cameron passed out red envelopes filled with lucky coins for all the Hoot Owls. Sandy told the Hoot Owls that if they placed the envelope under their pillow and made a wish, it would almost certainly come true! The students also made pretend firecrackers with red paper. They learned that the color red scares off bad spirits and brings good luck. The Hoot Owls were also lucky enough to sample some traditional Chinese New Year treats made with crispy rice and pineapple.

Hoot Owls Chinese New Year.jpg

Thank you so much, Cameron and Sandy, for sharing your family’s traditions with us! #Saklanwellrounded

Snowman Science Experiment

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In addition to their winter theme, the Hoot Owls began to learn about scientists. They learned that scientists ask questions, do experiments, measure, count, draw, write, learn from their senses, sort, test predictions and have fun! Their first winter experiment was building a snowman out of ice. First, balloons full of water were frozen in the freezer. Many friends were surprised to touch the balloons and find them not only hard but cold, too. The Hoot Owls helped cut the balloons open and pealed them off the ice. Next, they used salt to stack the ice balls together. Many Hoot Owls asked, “Why does the salt make them stick?” One of the first things they learned from this experiment was that four balls of ice were too tall, as the fourth ball of ice tumbled down and shattered on the floor!

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After the snowman was completed, they sat down and observed him. They did an observational drawing of what he looked like now. Then they made predictions by doing a drawing of what they thought he would look like later.

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The Hoot Owls’ drawings were all different but they all had the idea that later he would melt and he did! The snowman took a tumble right before lunch. By the end of the day there were only small pieces of ice left. By the next morning he was salty water! #SaklanHandsOn

Moving Up Day!

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Wednesday was a special day for our elementary campus. All of our PS – 5th grade students got to “move up” to next year’s grade for a portion of the morning. This has been an annual tradition so that the students get a snapshot of what next year could be like. The teachers planned special activities that highlighted their grade and enjoyed getting to know their rising students a little better. If your child “moved up” on Wednesday, please ask them all about it. I’m sure they will have something enthusiastic to share! #SaklanConnected

A Visit from a Feathered Friend

Tumbling down from the sky and landing in our play yard, our Owlets and Hoot Owls had a special visitor this week. They were deliriously excited, to say the least. A pigeon!  Close up and personal! They were amused and had many questions. Their curiosity was uncontainable. Look! He has a green bracelet! What is it? Why is it here? Is it hurt?

Our little Friend was tagged with his “name” and his owner’s information. After a little bit of detective work on the American Racing Pigeon Union site, we were able to find out that he was lost and where he came from.

To make a 2-day story short, our Feathered Friend is at home with Matt from Concord.  Matt says “Thank you” to our Owlets and Hoot Owls for showing compassion and concern for the safety and well-being of our Feathered Friend.

Hoot Owls Learn About Nutrition

The Hoot Owls have been learning about nutrition and what better way to do that than help make some healthy and delicious food. Hoot Owls first did an herb taste test to get used to trying new things. We sampled sage, oregano, basil and mint! We recorded whether or not we liked the herbs just like scientists. Hoot Owls also helped chop vegetables for a veggie stir fry. Some Hoot Owls said it was their first time chopping and using a knife. We also made our own stir-fry sauce.

We made flour tortillas from scratch using only flour, olive oil, water and salt. We used the tortillas to make quesadillas!

For Hanukkah, we were visited by Jacob Eddy’s grandmother, Robin, who helped us make potato latkes! We peeled and grated the potatoes, cracked the egg and stirred it all together with flour.

Hoot Owls Learn About Trees

The Hoot Owls have been very busy learning about deciduous trees! They have been working on a multi-step project to create their own unique trees. First, they painted a background on cardboard. Next, they experimented with oil pastels on top of the dry paint. Finally, they constructed the tree using real tree branches and small felt leaves.

They learned about the main parts of trees, the roots, trunk, bark, branches and leaves! They discussed some fun facts about the oldest and tallest trees in the world. Both are in California! They also thought about all the different animals and bugs they have seen living in trees. They used the left over branches to build log cabins.

Autumn Leaves

This month, the Hoot Owls have been learning about deciduous trees, trees that lose their leaves. With leaves falling all around us, the Hoot Owls made leaf prints to save the image of the leaf after the real leaf has crumbled and blown away. To start, Hoot Owls chose a leaf they found most interesting from a basket of different types of leaves.

Next, Hoot Owls painted the leaf paying close attention to the shape of the leaf and the veins running through the leaf. Step two was to firmly press a piece of paper over the top of the leaf. The most exciting part was pealing the leaf off to reveal a beautiful leaf print that could last forever.

Student Council Elections

The Saklan School recently held an election for Student Council. The students campaigned by writing speeches and presenting them at Flag. The students voted later that day. We announced the results of the election to the middle school students on Tuesday. Here is a list of the elected officers.

Max B. (8th grade) and Harrison L. (8th grade)


                Jordan D. (6th grade)                                       Makenna C. (6th grade)

                           Secretary                                                                  Treasurer

Evy A. (6th grade) and Elishka G. (6th grade)

Co-Publicity Chairs

Lauren A. (8th grade) and Phoebe K. (6th grade)

Co-Activity Chairs

We are very proud of all the students who ran and we are excited for a great year!