Villains in the Gold Fields

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The Fourth Graders did it again! They put on a tremendous performance of the melodrama, Villains in the Gold Field. For our dress rehearsals, we invited our buddies, the Hoot Owls, to come and see the play, as well as the First, Second, and Third Graders.  It was especially fun to see our buddies participate in their first melodrama. For the final performance, the parents came, and we made a party of it. There was singing, acting, chanting, laughing, cheering, and of course eating. We had a great time! Well done, Fourth Grade!

Hoot Owl and Fourth Grade Buddies

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It was buddy time this week as the Hoot Owls and 4th grade worked on a project to honor our departed vets as well as our flag. Look for the red, white and blue on the board in the foyer.

4th Grade Coloma Trip


Eureka! That means “I found it!” The Forty-Niners used this word all during the Gold Rush of 1849. It can also be found on the California State Seal. The Fourth Graders could be heard saying that as well numerous times during our trip to the Coloma Outdoor Discovery School, especially when they were panning for gold.

We spent two days and one night in Coloma immersed in all things Gold Rush. Our first day was rainy and cold, but we persevered like true 49ers. We learned how to make cornbread in a dutch oven over hot coals, how to build a structure, sew gold pouches, and square dance. The second day was sunny, which allowed us to explore the city of Coloma, visit Sutter’s mill, James Marshall’s cabin, and much more. We would like to give a special thank you to our chaperones. We couldn’t have done it without you! It was a great trip!

California Missions

The students have been studying, researching, and writing about missions as part of their study of California history. The class worked in groups and they used all of this knowledge to create, design, and build four new missions for the California mission chain. As many of you know, the missions are primarily located along the coast, but to change things up a bit, the students were tasked to create their missions in a specific region of this great state. The students used science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM). They had to construct a mission model, create a back story about their missions, and draw a composite map representing the mission.

The final part was presenting these masterpieces to their parents. The presentations were engaging, informative, and fun.

4th Grade at the State Capitol Museum in Sacramento


The Fourth Grade visited the California State Capitol this week. It was a long ride to Sacramento, but worth every minute. They were able to take a tour of this beautiful and historic building where the Governor and our representatives work.

The class was able to see portraits of all the past governors and sit in the Senate meeting room and the Assembly meeting room. It was a wonderful experience and something that every Californian should do.

Moving Up Day

Yesterday the preschoolers – fifth graders participated in Moving Up Day!

The students and teachers alike were buzzing with excitement. Questions, stories, projects, and enthusiasm filled each classroom. Please ask the children all about it!


Crazy Hair and Clash Day

In continuation of Good Humor Month, the students showed off their wacky hairdos and outfits for Crazy Hair and Clash Day on Wednesday.

Stay tuned. Next Wednesday is Pajama Day.

California Regions

Fourth Grade is the year of all things California. One of the many things they study is the California’s regions – coast, mountains, central valley, and desert. They are each assigned a region, which they are then required to research and write a report about.

In addition to the reports, they were tasked as a group to take a song of their choice and rewrite the lyrics to tell a story about their region, which is not an easy feat. Each group chose very unique songs and made them informative and entertaining. They performed these songs in front of their biggest fans (their parents) to rave reviews. The Fourth Graders truly rocked the house.

Hoot Owls and 4th Grade – Gratitude Tree


The Hoot Owls created a vibrantly colorful Gratitude Tree with their buddies, the fourth grade.

The students worked together to make beautiful fall leaves. They also wrote what they were grateful for during this Thanksgiving season. The tree is filled with so many wonderful expressions of gratitude. Here are just a few: gratitude for our Armed Forces, America, family, Saklan, friends, pets, and much more. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.