A Visit from a Feathered Friend

Tumbling down from the sky and landing in our play yard, our Owlets and Hoot Owls had a special visitor this week. They were deliriously excited, to say the least. A pigeon!  Close up and personal! They were amused and had many questions. Their curiosity was uncontainable. Look! He has a green bracelet! What is it? Why is it here? Is it hurt?

Our little Friend was tagged with his “name” and his owner’s information. After a little bit of detective work on the American Racing Pigeon Union site, we were able to find out that he was lost and where he came from.

To make a 2-day story short, our Feathered Friend is at home with Matt from Concord.  Matt says “Thank you” to our Owlets and Hoot Owls for showing compassion and concern for the safety and well-being of our Feathered Friend.

Spooky Stories


Just in time for Halloween, the fourth graders shared their personal narrative spooky, fictional stories about walking in the woods. They used their plot diagram skills from reading to make sure they told complete stories. The number one goal for each student  was to write with elaboration (including similes) to paint clear pictures in the mind of the reader. Who knew they were such great story tellers?


Each student did an amazing job practicing their public speaking skills and delivering truly chilling tales that the parents really enjoyed!

Fourth Grade Science

Fourth graders explored what type of bird beak is best for eating different types of foods. They are learning that birds have unique adaptations that help them survive.

Each student will be doing research on a California bird of their choice to discover what other adaptations birds have to help them survive in this location.

Student Council Elections

The Saklan School recently held an election for Student Council. The students campaigned by writing speeches and presenting them at Flag. The students voted later that day. We announced the results of the election to the middle school students on Tuesday. Here is a list of the elected officers.

Max B. (8th grade) and Harrison L. (8th grade)


                Jordan D. (6th grade)                                       Makenna C. (6th grade)

                           Secretary                                                                  Treasurer

Evy A. (6th grade) and Elishka G. (6th grade)

Co-Publicity Chairs

Lauren A. (8th grade) and Phoebe K. (6th grade)

Co-Activity Chairs

We are very proud of all the students who ran and we are excited for a great year!

Family Groups


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This month, Family Groups discussed collaboration: working as a team, taking turns, listening to ideas, doing your best, and encouraging others. Students read the book: The Dot, where a girl is encouraged to find out she is actually a great “dot” artist. She ends up encouraging others to find out what they are good and what they bring to the community. Students were then asked to create their own dot with something they are good at and bring to their community. Each family group worked together to build paper and sticky dot towers.

The Forty Book Club

Each year, the students of the Fourth Grade join The Forty Book Club and get the opportunity to read 40 or more books for the year. The books have to be chapter books and 150 pages or more. Although the ultimate goal is forty books, each student sets their own personal goal as well. It is fun to see how close they get to their goal. It is wonderful to see how many books each student reads and how reading becomes an even more important part of their lives. One student this year read 129 books, which is truly awe-inspiring! Several students read 40 books or more, and although some did not read 40 books they reached their personal goal.


This year the Fourth Graders read a grand total of 328 books, which is 48 books over the class goal. This is the first time in the history of The Forty Book Club that a class had met the goal, let alone exceeded it.

Congrats to the Fourth Grade for a job well done!!!

“Villains in the Gold Field”


The fourth graders put on a tremendous performance of the melodrama, Villains in the Gold Field. They each had a key role, which required learning lots of lines and actions. Some of them also had additional lines and parts. This kind of play allows for over-acting, which these students took to heart. They really hammed it up, and the show was fantastic!


It was the final Parent Presentation of the year, and we made a party of it. There was singing, acting, chanting, laughing, cheering, and of course eating. We had a great time! Well done, Fourth Grade!

4th Grade – Coloma


Eureka! That means, “I found it!” The Forty-Niners used this word all during the Gold Rush of 1849. The Fourth Graders could be heard saying that as well numerous times during our trip to the Coloma Outdoor Discovery School, especially when they were panning for gold.

We spent two days and one night in Coloma immersed in all things Gold Rush. We learned how to make cornbread in a dutch oven over hot coals, how to build a structure, sew gold pouches, and square dance. We explored the city of Coloma, perused Sutter’s mill, visited James Marshall’s cabin, and much more. We would like to give a special thank-you to our chaperones. We couldn’t have done it without you! It was a great trip!

Earth Day

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This week, we celebrated Earth Day with a series of activities at school that involved our Family Groups. The program included a presentation by Classroom Safari – an educational and entertaining adventure into the wild. The animal ambassadors shared interesting facts about the animals diets, enemies, and special adaptations that help them survive. The students were excited about learning conservation and seeing animals from around the world. After the presentation, the students in Family Groups discussed what the idea of Responsibility has to do with animals and Earth Day.

Earth Day was organized by our wonderful Science Teacher, Vickie Obenchain, and supports our program of environmental education to make Saklan students aware of the issues that are confronting our planet.

4th Grade Scientists

Dashiell, Chloe, Spencer, Milo.cropped

4th graders have been studying about electricity and currents in the Science Lab. In conclusion to that unit, the students got to work with our new STEM kits and collaborate to build their own inventions. They had a blast!