Radial Symmetry Printmaking

Third grade has been working with radial symmetry, which is symmetry that starts “radiating” from a central point. In art, the students looked at where radial symmetry is in nature and in human-made items such as Moroccan and Mexican tiles. Using variations of line thickness along with geometric and organic shapes, the students were able to create a symmetrical work of art that encompasses balance and unity. The printmaking process was notably the most exciting part of the project and the third graders were eager to print as many as possible! 


Species Interactions

The sixth graders, as part of their ecology unit, have been looking at species interactions. Working with a partner, the students were asked to portray the relationship of two organisms found in nature. Each pair of students was tasked with taking pictures of their organism portrayal, and then use the pictures to make a comic strip. The sixth graders used their laptops to create the impressive comics below! 


Saklan Spirit Days

During the month of February, every Friday will be a Saklan Spirit Day. All students and teachers are invited to dress up for the following spirit days:

Feb. 5th: Superhero Day- Dress like your favorite superhero or make up your own superhero! We all are awesome in our own ways!

Feb. 12: Valentine’s Spirit Day – Wear colors associated with Valentine’s Day like red, pink, and white. Hearts are welcome too!

Feb. 19: Sports Day – Here’s a Saklan favorite! Wear your favorite sports team gear, uniform, etc. 

Feb 26: Pajama Day – Here’s another tradition. Wear your pajamas to school! Make sure they are school appropriate and that you wear shoes (no slippers, please).

Participation is optional. If students choose not to dress up, they are asked to wear their uniforms.


Polar Bear Experiments

Winter has brought a fun science unit about polar bears to the Kindergarten class. The students have watched videos learning that polar bears live in the arctic, hunt for seals, have a good sense of smell and really big feet! One of the favorite parts of the unit has been the experiments the kindergarteners conducted to further understand polar bears. First, the children made predictions to the question, “Does ice melt faster in saltwater or freshwater?” Then they observed ice in fresh and salt water and drew their observations at five minute intervals while the ice melted. The class learned that a polar bear can smell a seal below three feet of ice, so each student, with the help of a yard stick, tried to smell a Swedish Fish in an ice cube three feet below their nose. Next, the children experienced ice cold water with one hand covered in a bag of Crisco or blubber, and the other hand bare.

The students have drawn pictures of polar bears during in-class art projects and made a polar bear paw comparable in size to a real polar bear. 

If you have questions about polar bears, don’t hesitate to reach out to our new polar bear experts, the kindergarteners!


Picture Day

Roots & Shoots Photography will be taking individual portraits of Saklan students on Thursday, February 11th. These pictures will be used in the yearbook and are available for purchase.

If you are interested in ordering pictures of your child, HERE IS THE LINK TO ORDER PORTRAITS. You will need to submit this form on or before Thursday, February 11th to avoid a late fee. There is 100% money back guarantee if you are unhappy for any reason.

COVID-19 procedures:

  • All students on campus will get their portraits taken with their class.
  • All distanced learners will be asked to come to school at a special time. You will be notified by Saklan of your time slot by email.
  • All CDC guidelines will be followed by R&S staff including social distancing, wearing masks and washing/sanitizing hands.
  • Composite class portraits will be created in lieu of group class portraits due to COVID-19.

Questions? Please contact Roots & Shoot directly at grow@roots-shoots.com. They will be happy to help!


During January, Saklan students have been focusing on being hardworking. The eighth grade Family Group leaders created a video to explain what hardworking means and how it can help students reach their goals and overcome challenges.

After hearing suggestions from the eighth graders, each of Saklan’s first through seventh graders wrote down one goal, project or activity they want to work hard to accomplish or improve on. Check out the many areas in which our students are working hard!

#SaklanSocialEmotionalLearning #SaklanFamilyGroups

Shadow Movement

Fifth graders are learning about Earth’s place in the universe. Students have focused on the movements in the solar system that affect how we see shadows. The fifth graders recently created a graphical display that revealed patterns of daily changes in length and direction of shadows during the school day. Pairs of students worked together to trace each other’s shadow outline early in the morning and noted where the sun was in the sky. Then, when the sun was at its highest (12:00 p.m.) they returned to their chalk outlines and traced where their shadows had moved and where the sun was positioned. Students were amazed at how much their shadows changed at different times of the day!


How Many Steps in a Mile?

The students in kindergarten thru eighth grade have been equipped with pedometers while exercising during P.E. lessons. The devices are simple and only measure “steps,” but are equipped with a reset button. P.E. classes have had fun experimenting with what types of activities generate the most movement or steps. Students have had the opportunity to see how dribbling a ball compares to swinging on the swings, and how walking a mile compares to skipping rope. Some of the third graders came to the conclusion that shaking the sensor generates a higher count than spinning it on a finger.  Overall, it appears that students focus on generating a count with their pedometers, and that feedback adds a little extra motivation to continue to exert effort while participating in physical education exercises.

Lucas in kindergarten asked Mr. Crabtree to take a picture of the pedometer he was using in P.E. and send it to his mom, as he was interested in one for home use as well.  For any other parents that have received requests for pedometers, here are the pedometers the students are using at school:


Absolutely Revolting

This week in California History, the fourth graders finished learning about the Mexican American War. Students analyzed factors that led the U.S. to declare war on Mexico, and focused on the impact to California specifically. The students then learned about the Bear Flag Revolt, in which a small band of rebels overthrew the Mexican government in Sonoma and took California in the name of the United States. The students learned more details about the Bear Flag Revolt as they rehearsed, performed, and recorded a short, humorous play called, “Absolutely Revolting.”

Take a look at the video to see the fourth grade in action!


Studying Modes of Transportation

The Hoot Owls and Owlets in Ms. Jessica’s class have been learning about different types of transportation. First the class took a vote to see what the students were most interested in learning about. The Owls love practicing voting and making their own choices! Cars and space travel tied as the top choices to explore first.

Some unfortunate but serendipitous car troubles for Ms. Jessica kicked off a conversation about tires, how they work, what happens when you get a flat tire, and how tow trucks carry other cars!

The Owls enjoyed some messy collaborative painting with cars and trucks, observing how different tires made different tracks.

The Owls also made their own traffic lights to go along with a song they learned called “Twinkle Twinkle Traffic Light,” which they were excited to share at Friday Flag this morning!


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