Creative Saklan Students

Thank you to everyone who joined us for the Art Show! It was a fantastic event, showcasing the creativity and hard work of all Saklan students.

Thank you to Ms. Lauren for making the Art Show a reality. Her expert guidance of the students through the art making process, helping them to explore their creativity and express themselves, was evident in the art. We also appreciate the time she took to organize the art, determine the placement on the boards, create the scavenger hunts for the students, and take care of all the other details that made the event a success!

Thank you to the volunteers who helped set up and prepare for the event. Amy Schofield, Saphierrina Sutherland, Elizabeth Stoltzfus, Lucy Luo, Amy Perkins, and Bob McClain, thank you for sharing your time and energy to bring the Art Show to life.

Thank you to the Saklan teachers and staff for their help in getting ready for the Art Show, guiding their students through the event, and helping with clean up at the end of the day.

Thank you to the Saklan students for sharing their work with us. The time and detail that went into each of the pieces was evident, as well as their propensity to think creatively!


Thank You, Saklan Families

Thank you, Saklan families, for a wonderful Teacher Appreciation Week! It was a week full of warm messages, Saklan swag, and delicious food. You definitely made all of the Saklan teachers and staff feel like stars!

We enjoyed tasting your family recipes! Each day of the week featured at least 14 appetizers, main courses and desserts. From ‘Crockpot Cookout’, ‘Holiday Faves in May’ to ‘Special Family Recipes’ there wasn’t a day when any of us left feeling hungry!

The messages the students left for all of us on the Kudoboards were so heartfelt and made us feel seen and appreciated. Thank you to all the parents who worked with your kiddos to help share their thoughts and for sharing your own words of thanks.

From our own Walk of Fame, red carpet and stars hanging in the entryway, to swag bags and our own step and repeat screen, it was certainly a week full of star-studded activities!

THANK YOU to all of you for making us feel so special!



Two true tests of learning are the ability to apply what has been learned in a new way, and to use learning to serve others. Over the last three weeks, the fifth grade students have done both in Spanish class with Maestra Padilla.

The fifth graders created cafe menus, complete with items written in Spanish and priced in the currency of a Spanish-speaking country (such as pesos), and then set up a cafe scene to serve “customers.” Although they were not really served the menu items they ordered, students served each other, nonetheless, each playing a part for a friend’s video by ordering in Spanish, paying, etc.

Students recorded their cafe scenes on flipgrid.  Maestra shared one of her favorites for you to enjoy; click here to see it!

Art Show 2022

You are invited to join us for The Saklan School’s Spring Art Show on Thursday, May 12th! The event will take place outdoors at Saklan and feature artwork from all of our Preschool – 8th grade students.

Volunteers Needed

Ms. Lauren is looking for volunteers to help prepare for the art show. If you have some time to spare, she would love your help! Click on the button below to view the volunteer opportunities. 


State of the School

On Thursday, April 14th, Saklan hosted its annual State of the School presentation over Zoom. Through highlights of the year, we shared how Saklan delivers on our mission to Think Creatively, Act Compassionately and Live Courageously. In addition, a portion of the presentation addressed the school’s successes in our fundraising efforts and the overall solid financial health of Saklan. Lastly, we gave a short preview of things to come in the future, including strategic initiatives and our WASC/CAIS accreditation process. If you would like to view the State of the School presentation, click here.

Early Earth Day Celebration

On Thursday, April 14th, The Saklan School held an early Earth Day celebration! Earth Day is a holiday celebrated in multiple countries around the world to call attention to the need to protect our planet. At Saklan, each year we commemorate Earth Day by learning about how we can help different species on our planet by being aware of our daily choices.

This year, West Coast Falconry gave a presentation on raptors, sharing that they are meat eating birds that use their feet to eat. They brought 6 different birds with them, which they shared with the students: 2 falcons, 2 hawks, and 2 owls.

They even had one of the birds showcase their sight and flying abilities by flying across the room.

Following the presentation, the students came back to campus where they learned about a local endangered raptor, the California Condor, in family groups. The 8th graders led discussions about California Condor habitats, diets, predators, threats and recovery programs to help save the condors.

Students then wrote on a feather either one thing they can personally do to help raptors or one thing they learned about condors. The feathers were then put together to create a condor!

#SaklanFamilyGroups #EarthDayCelebration

All-School Concert

Saklan’s All-School Concert is next Wednesday, April 20th at 4:30 p.m. in the Holy Trinity Parking Lot! Feel free to invite friends and family to join us.

On the 20th, students will be dismissed at noon and are asked to return at 4:00 p.m. in preparation for the performance. Please note the following details for the afternoon:

  • The bus will leave campus at 12:05 p.m. that afternoon.
  • Extended Day will be available until 3:30, but it is recommended that students go home earlier to have some down time before the concert if possible. Reserve your child’s spot in Extended here
  • Hot Lunch will not be available. If your child is attending Extended, please send them to school with a lunch.
  • All students are asked to report to the Holy Trinity Parking Lot at 4:00 p.m. dressed in their “Sunday best” version of all black clothing, with an accessory of pinkConcert outfit ideas can be found here.

We are very excited about the return of the concert, and hope you will be able to join us!

Design the Cover for the Concert Program!

Do you like to draw?

If so, we have a great Spring Break activity for you! You can design the cover for the Concert program!

Past designs have looked like:


  1. All designs should have the following words: 

“Let Me Fly”

Music That Gives Hope

 April 20th, 2022 at 4:30 PM

2. Designs should be in full color, and done on an 8 ½ x 11 piece of white paper (long ways).

3. Designs are due on April 13th at 3:00 PM (You can turn them in early!)

4. 2 winners will be chosen; one from Lower School and one from Middle   School. Turn entries into Mrs. Chaffey, Ms. Lauren, or in the office. (Make sure you write your name on the back!)

5. Winners will receive 2 free dress passes and every person who submits an entry will receive 1 free dress pass



Calendar Updates

Spring has sprung and with that has come the time to plan ahead for the rest of the school year. In looking at the calendar, we have had to rearrange some events to align with the changes in our field experiences. Our 8th graders are currently in Puerto Rico participating in a service-learning opportunity, so we moved the CLAS originally scheduled for today to NEXT Friday, April 1st. 

As the 7th graders will be in Hawaii for a science and culture field experience the week of April 25th, we have moved the events of that week in order to include them and the teachers who will be with them. Unfortunately, Grandparents and Special Friends Day has been canceled altogether. With all the COVID-19 uncertainty, it seemed irresponsible to expect grandparents to travel to Saklan this year; we look forward to planning a robust return for 2023!

The Art Show has been rescheduled for Thursday, May 12th from 2pm – 5pm, and the Book Fair has been moved to May 11th – 13th as well.

Below is a sneak peek at next year’s important calendar dates for your planning purposes. A more detailed calendar will be shared over the summer.


Aug 22    Back to School Social   

Aug 24    First Day of School 

Aug 25    Transportation Service Begins

Sept 5        Labor Day (NO SCHOOL)

Oct 10        Fall Holiday (NO SCHOOL)

Oct 20 & 21      Parent Teacher Conferences (NOON DISMISSAL)

Oct 31        Halloween Celebration (2PM DISMISSAL)

Nov 1        Professional Development Day (NO SCHOOL)

Nov 11    Veteran’s Day (NO SCHOOL)

Nov 21 – 25      Thanksgiving Break (NO SCHOOL)

Dec 16    Lower School Musical (NOON DISMISSAL, NO EXTENDED DAY)

Dec 19 – 30     Winter Break (NO SCHOOL)

Jan 2        New Year’s Day (observed) – (NO SCHOOL)

Jan 3        Professional Development Day (NO SCHOOL)

Jan 16        MLK Jr. Day (NO SCHOOL)

Feb 17 – 20      President’s Day Weekend (NO SCHOOL)

Mar 23 & 24  Parent Teacher Conferences (NOON DISMISSAL)

Mar 31     Cesar Chavez Day (NO SCHOOL)

April 3 – 7      Spring Break (NO SCHOOL)

May 1 – 5    Teacher Appreciation Week

May 5        Teacher Appreciation Day (NO SCHOOL)

May 29    Memorial Day (NO SCHOOL)

June 7        Last Day of School/8th Grade Graduation (NOON DISMISSAL)

Saklan’s Annual School Concert

We are beyond excited to formally announce the return of Saklan’s Annual School Concert on Wednesday, April 20th! It has been three years since our last concert, and although the venue will be different this year, we are so excited to bring back all the joy that comes with performing live for the people who love our students the most. 

This year, the students will be performing outdoors at Holy Trinity Orthodox Church, next door to Saklan. Every Saklan student participates in this fun and energetic event, and every grade performs multiple times.

Day of Concert 

Wednesday, April 20th will be a noon dismissal day for all students. Extended Day will be available until 3:30pm, but it is recommended that students go home earlier to have some down time before the concert if possible. Students are asked to report back to Saklan at 4pm, dressed and ready to perform. The show is scheduled to begin at 4:30pm and will end no later than 6pm. 

Rehearsal and Performance Schedule

Please make every effort to ensure that your student is at school on Monday, April 18th, Tuesday, April 19th, and Wednesday, April 20th so they can take part in our all-student rehearsals.


All students are asked to come to the concert in their “Sunday best” version of all black clothing, with an accessory of pink. Ballet flats, Toms, Converse All-Star, Keds, and dress shoes are all welcome and encouraged; shoes should fit and be clean. Please, no high heels, UGGS, rain boots or hats. Click here for examples of some outfits that are appropriate, and feel free to talk to other Saklan parents who have been through the concert before, or email me!

Please feel free to put together an outfit that fits well and speaks to your child’s personality. However, use appropriate discretion in choosing clothes (please no midriff showing), and remember that your child will be on stage in front of almost 500 people. 

We are so excited to bring our concert back to Saklan, and are overjoyed to welcome you for this event. 

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