History Heroes

4th graders wrapped up their year in history by creating History Heroes! They selected any person from their 6 Units in 4th grade History to research. Their little gingerbread-people were decorated at home with so much creativity! 

Practicing their public speaking skills, they created Flipgrids and shared with others how their hero ultimately contributed to the California we know today!  Fabulous way to wrap up our time together in History 4th graders!!!


Thank You!

The Saklan Student Council, along with our partner Pledge to Humanity, would like to thank the Saklan Community for making our food drive a huge success.  We collected 1,415 pounds of food for the Monument Crisis Center. Together we made a difference for struggling families in our county.


Teacher Appreciation Week 2020

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“Your continuing commitment, love, compassion, positivity and dedication during this time are keeping our kids (and our families) going. We are extremely grateful for everything you’ve done for this community!” – Saklan Parent

Thank you to our wonderful families for making us feel so special this week! We love and appreciate you all!


COVID-19 Task Force

The COVID-19 Task Force will begin meeting this Monday to discuss Saklan’s response to our current crisis and what the start of the school year will look like. We know there are many questions out there regarding next year and not many answers. It is our full intention to be in person with students as much as safely possible. The work of the task force will be to look at the different scenarios for next year and develop responses that achieve that goal.

We would like to hear from you regarding your questions, concerns, and ideas. Please take this short survey to help our task force.

The members of the task force are:

  • David O’Connell – Head of School
  • Geri Buhl – Board of Trustees Co-Chair
  • Vickie Obenchain – Science Teacher
  • Karen Catanzarite – Kindergarten Teacher
  • Melanie Booth – Parent currently serving on three other COVID related committee
  • Dayna Long – Parent and Pediatrician
  • Jenny Park Choi – Board Member and PA Member

Other members of the administration and community will be invited as needed.


Adopt An Arthropod

The 7th grade has been learning about all the different kingdoms of life this spring. Currently, the 7th grade is in the middle of learning about animals, in particular invertebrates. Students were asked to look at the Arthropod (jointed foot) Phyla, find an organism they found interesting, and create a Bitmoji Adoption Ad for the arthropod of their choice.

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Students created themselves in Bitmoji form, so you could tell whose is whose, and shared why their invertebrate would be a great pet for your household! Maybe you have been looking for a bird-eating spider to get rid of that pesty morning wake up call, or a blue scorpion to be the glamorous fashion pet of your dreams. No? Maybe a man eating praying mantis for when your husband drives your crazy… Just kidding, they only eat their own husbands! But you might even find a huge crab you may want to use to scare your children! Find the arthropod of your dreams at the 7th Grade Arthropod Adoption event!


Our Art Fair Goes Online!



When the Art Fair was cancelled, Miss Natalie wanted to figure out a way to still share the amazing artwork created by all our artists. A lot of thoughtfulness, patience, hard work, and creativity went into these amazing works of art. Just too good to not share with our Saklan community and beyond!

Artsonia is the world’s largest online collection of student art portfolios. Schools all around the world use this platform. It does need your consent as a parent because of the online public presence your child’s artwork will now have. This week an email was sent from Artsonia and once you give permission to display your child’s artwork online, you are able to view all other artwork that is public as well. The online art gallery will officially launch next Friday, May 22, 2020.


Kindergarten Review


The Kindergarteners reviewed sight words by playing a fun game called, “Hunt the House.” When in school, the children hunt for sight words around our classroom reading and writing them when found. This week, with the help of the wonderful Kindergarten parents, the Kindergarteners hunted their house and yard for 10 sight words proving reading is fun!


Virtual Learning Is Fun

The Hoot Owls gain strength, flexibility and balance by doing some interactive yoga at home.

They are also having fun singing and playing instruments during music class with Ms. Megan! It turns out learning from home can be fun for the whole family. Baby brother and big sister accompany Hoot Owl, Piper, while she learns from home.


First Grade’s Homes Around The World

The first grade students learned about the different kinds of houses people live in around the world. They also learned that people have different kinds of houses depending on the weather, climate, and living conditions.

First graders did their Homes Research Project representing the country they are from. They were also asked what the homes are made from and its location on the world map. Here’s the list of each student’s country:

  • Farid – Jerusalem
  • Peyton – Philippines
  • Wyatt – USA
  • Sean – Australia
  • Eldana – Ethiopia
  • Charlie – Hong Kong
  • Mikey – Peru

Way to go first graders!