Dia de los Muertos

Saklan students have been learning about Dia de los Muertos in their Spanish classes. Dia de los Muertos is a celebratory tradition to welcome the spirits of loved ones who have departed. Ofrendas (altars for the spirits) are built using bright paper, flowers and candles (to show them the way), salt (for preservation and purification), calaveras (sugar skulls that symbolize the sweetness of life), food and drink (for nourishment) and photos of the loved ones. The students learned key vocabulary and then constructed different parts of the ofrenda in Spanish class.

The study of Dia de los Muertos was not only a great way for our students to practice Spanish vocabulary, and take part in a widely celebrated cultural tradition.



The sixth graders have been studying volcanoes. They learned about the different types of volcanoes, the parts of a volcano, where volcanoes are located, and the different types of eruptions that occur. Additionally, the students have learned about the dangers and advantages of living by active volcanoes, and how they create different rocks and formations.

As part of their hands-on study of volcanoes, the sixth graders looked at different types of igneous rocks, tested different fluid viscosity to see how different lavas might flow, and then built their own shield volcano and tested different batches of “magma.” The students determined the speed of flow, what minerals make the lava flow slower, and how those different flows cool into different rocks. The sixth graders also learned about historic volcanoes and ones we still might want to be concerned about.

The students had a ton of fun learning about all things volcanoes!



The Middle School Orchestra and Choir classes both recently finished a Duet project. For their duets, the students worked on collaborating with a partner on a song chosen to: challenge them in their skills, build confidence in their own musical abilities, and create something they couldn’t on their own. The students practiced together, had individual and class coaching sessions, and then recorded their performances on FlipGrid. Check out a couple of the duets below!


The Saklan Library is Open!

Saklan students are finally enjoying library time IN the Saklan Library! Last year, Saklan’s library was homeroom for eighth grade, making it off-limits to students in other cohorts due to COVID restrictions. Lower school grades still had adapted library classes in the pavilion with animated story time and book check out from a curated bin. The experience has been revamped this year! The students walked into the library for the first time with eyes wide and faces smiling as they realized their access to books had immeasurably improved over the previous year’s curated box. The Saklan Library currently has over 4,400 books and more are being added each day.

Students browse for their books of choice by using the Non-Fiction Dewey Decimal System or Fiction Genres. Students can also search for their books by reading level, an important detail for younger readers. The middle school students have a Young Adult Library in the humanities classroom with books that are geared towards the interests and reading levels of middle school students. They can browse and check out books as wanted. 

The library is keeping up with multi-book series readers and non-fiction enthusiasts by continually adding to the book collection. We gratefully accept book donations should families have favorites they are finished with. The librarians, Mrs. Meredith and Mrs. Joy, have specifically focused on new additions that support ideas of inclusion, diversity, kindness and other pillars of Saklan’s mission. 

Anyone in the Saklan Community can search the online catalog and place holds on books for their child. This feature is especially loved by the teachers and allows them to request books that support their classroom curriculum. Browse the collection and request books here: Go to OPAC. If needed, the library name is “Saklan” and no password is required. Books can be searched by title, author, subject, location (genre), or reading level. Click the “Request Hold” button when viewing results by ITEM. 

We would love to hear from you! Email library@saklan.org with questions, concerns and ideas. 

Meet Our Specialists

Drumming Teacher: Isaac Narell

Mr. Isaac has been with The Saklan School since 2014 and has added tremendous value to our Music program. Although he has many talents, including arranging and playing multiple instruments, this year Mr. Isaac is teaching drumming to the third through fifth graders and a Learning by Doing (LBD) class for middle school students.

Mr. Isaac teaches traditional West African drumming from the Anlo-Ewe speaking people of Ghana, Togo and Benin. The drums used by our students were handmade for The Saklan School from Ghana. We are so lucky and grateful to have Isaac here to share his knowledge and help fill our community with rhythm!

#SaklanWellRounded #SaklanCreative

Music Enrichment Classes

We are excited to offer music enrichment classes this fall! The classes, listed below, will begin on Thursday, September 30th and run through December 16th.

  • Music & Movement for Preschool & Pre-K on Thursdays from 2:30 – 2:50 p.m. Students will experience music through play, movement and singing games. Students will work towards development of perceiving and performing the steady beat in music, identifying and understanding musical form, and recognizing musical opposites such as fast and slow, loud and soft and high and low. In addition, the classes will emphasize the development of proper vocal technique and health. Students in this class will receive complimentary Extended Day care from 2:00 – 2:30 p.m. on days the class meets.

  • Beginning Choral Habits for K – 2nd Grade on Thursdays from 3:00 – 3:30 p.m. The K-2 after school music course will be an opportunity for students to develop beginning choral habits and structure. Students will learn proper body alignment, breathing and vocal techniques and will work on developing beautiful blend with several unison choral arrangements. Later on in the year, students may work towards arrangements in canon and two-part harmony. Singing games will also be incorporated to allow for musical enjoyment and allow the students to engage the music with movement, imagination and creativity.

To sign your child up for one of the above classes, please click on the class name.


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