News From The Sports Court


Basketball players wanted! Fifth through eighth grades! Starting in January, The Saklan School has scheduled seven games against four other schools. We have to start preparing to host some of these games and travel a short distance for others. All interested players start playing as much as possible during recess and learning periods.

2017 Basketball Season

Saklan Suns Basketball Team Fifth Grade thru Eighth Grade

*Tuesday, Jan. 17th German International School vs. Saklan 4PM

*Tuesday, Feb. 7th Contra Costa Jewish Day School vs. Saklan 4PM

Thursday, Feb. 9th Saklan vs. CCJD 4PM.

Tuesday, Feb. 14th Saklan vs. East Bay Waldorf 4:15PM

Thursday, March 2nd Saklan vs. The Berkeley School 4:15PM

*Thursday, March 9th EBW vs. Saklan  4:15PM

*Tuesday, March 21st GIS vs. Saklan 4PM

*Four home games, three away

Let’s go Saklan!

Good Humor Month Is Here

January is Good Humor Month at Saklan!  Saklan’s Student Council has planned a month full of fun! We have chosen a different theme for three Wednesdays during the month. Please have your child dress in clothes that relate to the specified theme. At lunchtime each Wednesday, the Student Council officers will facilitate a cooperative activity between grades 1-8. We hope these activities encourage teamwork and build school spirit. Please refer to the list below for days, themes, and activities.

Wednesday, January 11: Sports Day

Students should wear a jersey, shirt, sweatshirt, hat, etc. of their favorite sports team. It can be a professional team, a little league team, or any type of team in between.

Activity: 3-Leg Race (4 students from each grade)

Wednesday, January 18: Crazy Hair/Clash Day

Students are encouraged to wear clothes that are outrageous and do not match. Also, students should style their hair as crazy and wild as possible. Yikes!

Activity:  Freeze Dance Contest (everyone)

Wednesday, January 25: Pajama Day

This is a Saklan tradition! Students should wear their favorite pajamas and slippers to school. Remember that your pajamas have to be school appropriate!

Activity: Limbo Contest (everyone)

Head’s Corner

Dear Saklan Community,

We’ve come to the last act of the 2016 academic year and it’s hard to believe that this event filled year has come to an end. The final act has been the superlative rendition of Seussical KIDS by our Grades 3 to 5 students this morning. Thank you again Mrs. Chaffey and all the teachers and staff that helped, for creating the stage and the enthusiasm. Ending our year with such a showing of talent and passion is a fitting way to sum up the Saklan experience and underscore our mission of thinking creatively, acting compassionately, and living courageously.


With the start of 2017, we will continue our school-wide discussions around creating a vision for the future of Saklan. This will take place as a round table discussion on January 6th at 9:00AM. Another important event in January is our Town Hall meeting on January 27th. It will be at 9:00AM right after Flag. Please make sure you put this date on your calendar as there will be a full agenda of important announcements and news that will interest the entire community.

As I reflect on the year 2016, I am pleased to affirm that each student has tried his or her best and has moved a little closer to reaching his or her full potential. I am very proud of them all. I’d also like to thank each of you for your contribution to our community. It’s the people of Saklan that make it such a special place and I appreciate your support and positive energy. I hope you and your family enjoy a wonderful break together and I wish you many blessings in the coming New Year.

Have a great holiday!


Invention Convention

The first grade class learned about simple machines. They each invented their own machine and then created those machines using various scraps of recycled materials.

During their presentations, they had to explain how this invention would work and why it was helpful. Way to go First Grade!


Hoot Owls in December

The Hoot Owls have been busy celebrating:

St. Nicholas Day & Hannukah

Santa Lucia Day & Gingerbread Men

Christmas lights & Kwanzaa

Lunch with our 4th grade buddies

Robotics Enrichment at Saklan

This fall, Ms. O and a group of 10 curious students embarked on a mission to build, program, and battle Sumo Robots. The students learned about motherboards, their components, and soldered needed parts such as: motors, battery packs, and sensors.  After the building process, students learned how to program lights, sensors, motors, and then we battled our robots! Their task was to move around the ring and once they sensed another robot, they were to attack and push that robot out of the ring. Or if they came too close to the edge of the ring, they were to abort and move away from the edge to start searching again.

This was as much of a learning process for the kids as it was for myself. The students have an intro to building, soldering and coding, which can help them continue trying to program their robots. It was a fun enrichment class which we hope to do again next fall!

News from the Sports Court

The Intramural Soccer Tournament has concluded! The champions are the “Da Pop! N Popcorn” (LS) and the “Earthquakes” (MS)! Good job to all competitors. This was a round robin tournament which involved a total of nine teams, five lower school teams, and four middle school teams.

Basketball players wanted!

Starting in January, The Saklan School has scheduled seven games against four other schools. We have to start preparing to host some of these games and travel a short distance for others. All interested players start playing as much as possible during recess and learning periods.

2017 Basketball Season

Saklan Suns Basketball Team Fifth through Eighth Grade

  • Jan. 17 at 4PM –  German International School vs. Saklan
  • Feb. 7 at 4PM – Contra Costa Jewish Day School vs. Saklan
  • Feb. 9 at 4PM – Saklan vs. CCJD
  • Feb. 14 at 4:15PM – Saklan vs. East Bay Waldorf
  • March 2 at 4:15PM – Saklan vs. The Berkeley School
  • March 9 at 4:15PM – EBW vs. Saklan
  • March 21 at 4PM – GIS vs. Saklan

Let’s go Saklan!


Kindergarten Fun

This week in Kindergarten we decorated gingerbread men.

Also, we have been playing the dreidel game. It is a great way to learn about how the holidays are celebrated by some, develop our math, work on our listening skills, and of course have fun!

Envision the Future


Friday, January 6 at 9:00AM

Willow Spring Church

Join Peter Metzger, Head of School, and Robert Miller, Board of Trustee Officer, for a Round Table discussion and envisioning exercise on the future of The Saklan School.

In collaboration with the Saklan Parent Association. Coffee will be provided.