One-Room School House

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On Tuesday, the third grade had the wonderful opportunity to spend most of the day in the Tassajara One-Room School House. The students wore adorable pioneer clothes and completed lessons which the school might have been given in the 1880’s. They stepped back in time and wrote with quill pens and ink, used chalk on slate board, and played traditional games. Big thanks to all of the “Pioneer Moms and Dad” that came along and participated in this fun day.

Owlets Bug Hunt

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On Wednesday, the Owlets went to Moraga Commons for a bug hunt. They all had a blast looking for bugs and playing at the park. It was a great way to end their plants and insects unit.

Roller Coaster Project

The 8th graders culminating physics project was to design and create a roller coaster for a marble, that utilized the four forces we learned about in class, had enough momentum to fulfill a loop, and had a slow down stop. Each group used their creativity, math skills, and the scientific method to design, redesign, start over, and eventually create their coasters.

We are extremely impressed with their designs and efforts in this project. They are a great class and we are glad to see they are ready for high school!

Fifth Grade at the Farm

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Last week, the Saklan fifth graders had the opportunity to visit and help our neighbors down the street at the Moraga Gardens Farm.

Our class has been learning about plant life cycles and gardening, so we were thrilled to be able to spend a day in the garden working with the volunteers and learning hands-on about organic gardening. We planted hundreds of beet and chard seeds and helped to move many, many wheelbarrows full of compost to the gardening beds. We also learned about the care of their tomato plants (800 in total!) and how they were all started from seeds at their garden.

We would like to thank Mr. Deva Rajan and all of the other garden volunteers for sharing their knowledge and love of gardening with us, and for allowing us to work along side them in their beautiful garden oasis!

Kindergarten Butterflies

Last week, we finished our butterfly unit by setting free the butterflies that had been with us since they were tiny caterpillars. As scientists we have been predicting and recording our findings since these little friends arrived. Bye bye butterflies!

Graduation Ceremony

Please join us as we honor and celebrate

The Saklan School’s Graduating Class of 2017

Thursday, June 8Love is an open door

10:00 – 11:30AM

Holy Trinity Cultural Center

(next door to Saklan)

Our graduation ceremony will feature student performances, an entrance procession of all of our classes and the whole school singing our traditional graduation song, “In My Life.”

There will be a brief slideshow highlighting the growth of our graduates and special memories of the middle school years.

Advisors will introduce each graduate and eighth graders will present a shorter version of their graduation speech. Seeing our graduates share what Saklan has meant to them in their own unique and eloquent ways is a very special tradition.

The ceremony highlights what makes Saklan so unique and is a wonderful way to end the year and celebrate our Saklan community.

We hope you can be there!

Head’s Corner

Dear Saklan Community,

This year’s Family Fun Night truly lived up to its name as there were lots of families and it was FUN. What a great idea to get us ready for the summer with an event that combines relaxing on our turf, a wonderful BBQ and a good movie. Many thanks to the Student Council and Parent Association for organizing this event and a particular shout out to Jenny and Mike Choi for providing the delicious barbecued pork.


Thanks to our parents, their families and friends, The Saklan School has a long-standing history of being voted BEST OF in this annual contest put on by Parent’s Press which remains open until the end of May.  Please take a moment to vote for your favorite school and note that there are separate categories for: 1) Preschool  2) Elementary School  3) Middle School  4) Summer Camp. Just follow this link to vote. This is one of the easiest things you can do to benefit our school!

A big thank you to all of our families for spreading the word about Saklan to friends and neighbors. In reviewing our marketing data from this past year, we see that once again parent referrals are a big factor in attracting new students to Saklan, and we would like to hear your ideas on how we can best get the word out in your communities. We will be holding an open meeting on the topic of how parents can support the marketing of Saklan on Friday, June 2, at 8:45in the Library. This meeting is intended for everyone interested in sharing ideas on how to attract great new students to our school. Coffee will be provided.

All parents are invited to our Graduation Ceremony on Thursday, June 8 at 10:00AM at the Holy Trinity Cultural Center. Come and hear what our graduates say about their experience at Saklan and share their goals for the future. This is a great opportunity for our community to see what is in store for their children and celebrate the students that have graduated with a Saklan diploma.

Have a good long weekend!


Little Miss and Mr. Books

The second graders have been busy reading many Little Miss and Mr. books. The next part of this reading assignment was to create an original character (not one of the 86 already in the series) and plan their own story. After mapping out their ideas, writing a rough copy and editing, rewriting a final draft, and lastly illustrating their book they were finished! A very special part of this project was when Mrs.Mariangela Helgeson and Mrs. Ginelle Mills printed their characters on t-shirts. The younger students at Saklan loved when the second graders came to their class wearing their t-shirts and read their stories.

Villains in the Gold Fields

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The Fourth Graders did it again! They put on a tremendous performance of the melodrama, Villains in the Gold Field. For our dress rehearsals, we invited our buddies, the Hoot Owls, to come and see the play, as well as the First, Second, and Third Graders.  It was especially fun to see our buddies participate in their first melodrama. For the final performance, the parents came, and we made a party of it. There was singing, acting, chanting, laughing, cheering, and of course eating. We had a great time! Well done, Fourth Grade!

Owlets and Their Buddies

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Every Thursday throughout the school year, the Owlets and 6th graders got together to do art activities, go on nature walks, read books or play outdoor games together. To celebrate the last meeting yesterday, the students painted frames for their special buddy pictures. The Owlets loved having their big buddies and the 6th graders loved having their little buddies.