Packing Party

After lunch last Friday, our 1st graders had a packing party! No, they weren’t preparing to move, but rather packing lunch bags to be distributed to homeless individuals. Partnering with the organization 10,000 Lunches, the class packed 45 brown bags, carefully adding one of each food item per bag: tuna, instant oatmeal, Ritz crackers, fruit cup, sun butter, protein bar, and a can of Vienna sausages.

After a project-based learning unit on homes around the world, the first graders were interested in helping those who don’t have homes. Brett Lorie, one of the founders of 10,000 Lunches, was beyond thrilled to hear that the 1st grade students wanted to do something to help the unhoused. He spoke to the class, sharing about the organizations mission and the people (and dogs) they serve. Brett’s talk helped to humanize the problem of homelessness in the Bay Area for the first graders. Having students interact with changemakers like Brett helps to spark their own social consciousness. 

Gina delivered the brown bags the 1st graders packed to Brett’s house after school last Friday.  On Saturday, Brett emailed the following message:

Thank you again, Gina!  It was wonderful meeting you and the kids.  They were a great bunch!

The students were so proud and happy to do something to help unhoused individuals. This experience was a great way to build their empathy and compassion muscles.

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Author: The Saklan School Friday Blog

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