Experiments in Microgravity

In November, Saklan’s Science Teacher, Ms. Obenchain, performed science experiments in microgravity during 10 minutes of free fall aboard the Zero-G aircraft. The experiments Ms. O conducted came from the students and curriculum she teaches here at Saklan, and helped her gain a greater understanding of how convection currents, dry ice, and a Newton’s Cradle all act in the absence of gravity.

Learn more about the experiments Ms. O conducted during her flight by watching the video below.

I know my experience and the results of my experiments on the Zero-G flight will not only be immediate but be useful for years to come. The excitement of reporting my findings with pictures, videos and observations has made my experience real for my students. I know it will continue to create new science questions, engineering ideas, and desires of Zero-G and space travel in my students’ minds. I can only hope it will also inspire my students to take risks, to step outside their comfort zone from time to time, and to learn new concepts whenever they can. 

Ms. O

Thank you, Ms. O, for helping Saklan students gain a greater understanding of gravity and our universe.

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