Ms. O Flies on G-FORCE ONE

In October, Saklan’s Science Teacher, Ms. O, attended The Embedded Teacher Project workshop at Carthage College in Kenosha, WI. The workshop brings together educators to learn about microgravity (a condition of very low gravity, approaching weightlessness) and how it affects experiments conducted in space. The Embedded Teacher Project provides opportunities for middle and high school teachers to develop and fly small experiments and demonstrations on a parabolic flight (which provides periods of sustained microgravity).  After learning from the professionals, the teachers were asked to submit proposals with experiments to perform in microgravity, on a parabolic Zero-G flight.

Ms. O was one of two science teachers whose proposals were accepted, and she was invited to experience 10 minutes of weightlessness during free fall aboard the Zero Gravity Corporation’s G-FORCE ONE aircraft! The aircraft flies a series of 30 parabolas, which are roller-coaster maneuvers that simulate zero gravity, so researchers can test experiments bound for space.

Ms. O, along with Wisconsin teacher Kristin Grender, joined the Carthage College Microgravity Team in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on November 17 to conduct experiments that answered questions posed by the teachers’ classes. During the flight, the teachers conducted tests to answer questions such as, “How does boiling and heat transfer work in space?”, and “Can blind and visually impaired people navigate in weightlessness using sound signals?”

When asked about the experience as she prepared to head off to Florida, Ms. O shared:

“I am so excited to participate in the Embedded Microgravity Program to help excite and expand my thinking around space science topics and careers.”

Back on campus, Ms. O told her students that she loved every second of her Zero-G experience, and was thrilled to test their hypothesis.  

Congratulations to Ms. O on being selected for such a prestigious and cool opportunity! Stay tuned to learn more about the experiments Ms. O tested during her ride on G-FORCE ONE, and how the results will impact her teaching here at Saklan.

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