Winter Weather

Brrrr! With the weather getting so cold and icy in the mornings, the Owlets have been very interested in winter weather. Taking their lead from the students’ interest, the teachers read Goodbye Autumn, Hello Winter by Kenard Pak and No Two Alike by Keith Baker, aloud to the class. The Owlets learned that snowflakes are unique, which means they are all different, just like people! The students made snowflakes using different mediums: pipe cleaners and beads which they hung on their classroom tree, and white crayon and watercolor to make resistance paintings.

The Owlets have been practicing their creative storytelling. They read The Gingerbread Man, and then each Owlet collaged their own gingerbread person and made up a story about them. They also made melted snowmen art and told stories about how their snowman melted. The students were proud to have their art, and the stories they represent, hung up in their classroom!


Author: The Saklan School Friday Blog

The Saklan School is a private Pre-K through 8 school located in Moraga, CA. Our mission is to think creatively, act compassionately, and live courageously.

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