Kidpower Thanks You

Thank you to everyone who joined the PA for last week’s Parentpower Workshop, presented by Kidpower. Antonie, the presenter, was inspired by your enthusiasm and participation and thoroughly enjoyed speaking with the Saklan parents.

Kidpower asked us to share the below resources that may be of interest to you!

You may also find courses for parents and educators on the Kidpower Online Learning Center, including Mini Safety Lessons for Young Children.

If you are interested in attending a Kidpower Workshop to practice skills along with your child, you can join one of Kidpower’s online Community Workshops or sign up for their newsletter to their latest news and updates.

Kidpower strives to improve their online programs and are interested in learning:

  • what worked well for you
  • what can make your Kidpower experience better
  • any stories about using their program
  • any questions you have for Kidpower

They would love to receive your comments! You can email them at or complete this brief evaluation form. The insights of those who experience their programs are used to help them grow and improve.

To learn more about Kidpower, you can follow or like them on  InstagramTwitterLinkedInPinterest, and Facebook.

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