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Our 6th graders recently spent a week at Westminster Woods, an environmental education and character development program, nestled in 200 acres of redwood forest in Sonoma County. Students hiked through the redwood forest, scoured the Dutch Bill Creek, ventured through a high-ropes challenge course, and took part in many team building challenges.

On Monday morning, the sixth graders loaded into a Saklan van for the ride to Westminster.

On Tuesday, the sixth graders went for a blindfolded hike up a steep hill, waded down a man-made salmon ladder, found a blue scorpion under a log, and meditated on gratitude and the role models who changed their lives.

On Wednesday, the students used microscopes to explore organisms in the creek, discovered wildlife, including a very large giant pacific salamander they named Kleopatra, and wondered aloud about things they are curious about. The sixth graders also had a brave and glorious adventure in the dark, hiking solo, discovering glow worms and shooting stars, and practicing animal adaptations.

On Thursday, there was lots of Gaga ball, connecting with the Westminster staff members, the ropes course, fort building, and most of all sincere and deep sharing of truths between classmates and community.

On Friday, the students returned to Saklan very tired, but thankful to have gotten the opportunity to get to know their individual selves better, to challenge themselves, and develop deeper bonds as a class.

Thank you to Grace, John, Christina and the staff of Westminster Woods for supporting the sixth graders on this journey of personal development and class growth.

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Author: The Saklan School Friday Blog

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