Work of Hydrologists

Our fifth grade students met Susan Levenson, an educator with Friends of the San Leandro Creek, in Chabot Park last week to learn about four water quality measures. Susan led the class in collecting samples of creek water to test; students predicted and then measured pH, Dissolved Oxygen, Turbidity (clarity), and Temperature levels.

The class was divided into groups, and then each group chose roles for conducting the tests, including recording and presenting their results. Discussing and allowing for human error, the results from each group were almost identical, showing that their tests were valid and the creek water is very healthy for supporting life! 

For the second experiment, groups chose from given materials to plan an effective filtration system, creating two models.  They were thrilled to see clear-ish water come out of one of them, and clearer water out of the other!  Students’ field work connected them with the actual equipment and processes hydrologists use.  In addition to the scientific process, it opened a window through which students might envision a career in the sciences.  


Author: The Saklan School Friday Blog

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