Los Lugares

During Spanish class, the first graders have been learning the Spanish words for the names of common places (lugares) they might visit. The students learned and practiced these new Spanish words using several fun methods, including: watching videos, singing songs, and playing games. After developing a thorough knowledge of the vocabulary, students used the words to create a map showcasing all the places they learned about:

  • La ciudad- the city
  • La escuela- school
  • La biblioteca- library
  • La tienda- store
  • El museo – museum
  • La casa- house
  • El río – river
  • El lago  – lake
  • La playa- beach
  • El bosque- forest
  • La montaña- mountain

The students then presented their maps to the class, speaking only in Spanish! Check out a few of the maps below.


Author: The Saklan School Friday Blog

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