Plants and Pollinators

The Owlets have been busy bees this month continuing their study of spring, plants, and pollinators!

The Owlets noticed that the seeds they planted earlier in the month have been growing! They discovered that of all the seeds they planted, the radish seeds sprouted the quickest. While the students have taken their sprouts home, they still have radish, carrot, onion, sunflower, marigold, snap peas, and green beans planted in planters in their classroom and around the yard, and they continue to observe how they grow!

The Owlets read Bee by Britta Teckentrup, and learned that bees and other pollinators have a very important job to help plants grow. They watched this video about how bees make honey, and then used paint and bubble wrap to make honeycomb patterns on hexagons.

The class then watched this video to learn more about pollen, and why some people get allergies during spring. They looked at different flowers and saw the pollen on each one. The Owlets then got the chance to use a microscope to look at pollen from different plants!


Author: The Saklan School Friday Blog

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