Voices Made Visible

As part of a new science unit on waves of energy, the 4th graders have been using math to analyze music. They learned why music notes are called “whole,” “half,” “quarter” and “sixteenth,” and then played some “Body Beats.” Next, they spent some time exploring different sounds and visualizing the waves using the Chrome Music Lab online. At first, the students experimented with sound by pressing different piano keys to see how different tones and sounds express themselves as “waves” on the screen.

It was quickly apparent that the lower notes had longer intervals between waves than high notes (frequency). They also experimented with the spectrogram, which visualizes sounds as colors. It was fascinating to “see” how similar and different all of their voices are and they are excited to show them to the world!

To conclude the study, students spent time at home making their own music.


Author: The Saklan School Friday Blog

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