Chinese Brush Painting

During art class, in honor of Lunar New Year, students in grades K-8 have been exploring the ancient art form of Chinese brush painting. After learning about how the Lunar New Year is celebrated, students observed the artwork of Guan Daosheng, a famous female painter from 13th century China, and noted how each line and mark is made by a single brushstroke. All students practiced the tradition by holding their brushes in the correct positions, then making different kinds of brushstrokes. 

Kindergarten, first and second grade students used their new painting knowledge to paint tigers, which is this year’s zodiac animal. Third graders practiced calligraphy and learned how to write the Chinese character for good fortune.

Fourth and fifth graders painted bamboo, and will be creating their own “chops” or stamps to print a “signature” design onto their painting. Middle school students had a choice of practicing to paint bamboo, orchids or a mountain landscape. 

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Author: The Saklan School Friday Blog

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