Talking about Transportation

This month the Owlet class is learning about transportation. They first defined transportation as “something that takes you from one place to another.” Then the students brainstormed some examples of transportation, touching on air travel, water travel, and road travel. Ms. Erin read the book If I Built a Car by Chris Van Dusen, and then the Owlets used their imaginations and various materials to build their own dream cars. Some of their cars could fly like planes or go in the water like submarines!

The Owlets voted as a class to decide which form of transportation to study first, and the winner was air travel! They started by researching hot air balloons and airplanes. They read Hot Air: (The Mostly) True Story of the First Hot Air Balloon Ride by Marjorie Priceman and watched a video that showed a hot air balloon launch. The Owlets had fun getting messy while collaborating on a paper mache hot air balloon. 

The Owlets read Plane Song by Diane Siebert and watched a video that taught them how airplanes fly. The students got to build and fly their own airplanes. They loved throwing them from the top of the play structure and watching them glide through the air! 

Stay tuned to learn more about the transportation adventures the Owlets have as continue their study!


Author: The Saklan School Friday Blog

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