Owl Study

In science, our Kindergartners learned about owls. They learned many, many things about owls, including:

  • An owl’s feathers are soft and light, allowing it to fly silently through the night.
  • The feathers around an owl’s face move sounds to its ears allowing it to hear a small mouse.
  • An owl has 14 bones in its neck (humans have 7), making it possible for an owl to turn its head almost fully around!
  • Baby owls are called nestlings.
  • Nestlings hatch at different times, the first to hatch is the largest nestling and the last to hatch is the smallest.

After hearing the story Owl Babies, the students created their own picture of nestlings.

The Kindergartners also learned that owls have sharp talons, very big eyes and a beak, all of which help them hunt for food. They learned that owls swallow their food whole and later regurgitate what is not needed in a pellet. The Kindergarteners dissected owl pellets and were amazed to find to find bones and fur!

If you have questions about owls, ask a Saklan Kindergartner. They love owls!

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Author: The Saklan School Friday Blog

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