For the Owlets, November isn’t just any month, it is DINOvember! The month began with a roaring start as the students researched different types of dinosaurs and learned about their sizes, diets, and habits. The class read a book called Dinosaur Bones by Bob Barner that taught them about fossils (bones and prints that have been preserved by natural processes), and how scientists use fossils to learn about dinosaurs who lived millions of years before humans existed. The Owlets then got a very special opportunity to look at some real fossils! Ms. Obenchain, Saklan’s Science Teacher, gave the class a box of fossils from the Aurora Fossil Museum in North Carolina. The Owlets practiced being paleontologists as they discovered fossils from coral, shells, and even shark teeth!

The Owlets then got to create their own fossils using salt dough and dinosaur toys.

The Owlets learned that dinosaurs are reptiles and lay eggs. The students enjoyed helping baby dinosaurs hatch from icy eggs by using eye droppers and warm water to melt the eggs!

The Owlets have thoroughly enjoyed DINOvember. Stay tuned to learn more about this hands-on, dino-themed unit!


Author: The Saklan School Friday Blog

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