Overnight Field Experiences Return

Last week, the 6th graders participated in the first overnight field experience we have been able to offer in 18 months. They attended Westminster Woods, an environmental education and character development program, nestled in 200 acres of redwood forest in Sonoma County. Students hiked through the redwood forest, scoured the Dutch Bill Creek, took part in many team building challenges and ventured through an incredible high-ropes challenge course under the redwood canopy.

Students not only learned about ecology, teamwork and the natural environment, but they got to learn more about each other as well. Here are some of highlights from the experience:

“I think Saklan has us go on these field experiences to learn about ourselves and our class. We now feel like we are all friends.”


“I faced some of my biggest fears (heights) on this experience. And trusting my classmates made that easier.”


“I think these trips are important because it makes you try new things. I was scared when I left home about what the week might be like, but then I was so happy I went!”


“I feel like I am more connected to my class after this week. I feel this way because we learned more about each other. So many people have such interesting traits, I thought it was cool to get to know more about them.”


“I felt really connected to my class after the ropes course. We had to work together to get through the activities.”


“Something I will never forget is taking my blindfold off and finding we were at the top of a hill and had an amazing view of a valley, that was cool!”


Miss O and Mr. Zippin joined the students for the week at Westminster Woods. Upon returning to campus, they shared that they loved seeing how the students were are to able bond through the experience and how compassionate they were to each other. The week was filled with moments where the students were lending a hand to each other when they needed it and encouraging people they only met 3 weeks ago as if they had known each other for years.

It was a great week!

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Author: The Saklan School Friday Blog

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