Moon Festival

One of our second grade students shared his family’s tradition of celebrating Moon Festival, or Mid-Autumn Festival, with his classmates. He started his presentation by sharing background information on what Moon Festival is and how it is celebrated.

Moon Festival is a big holiday celebrated in East and Southeast Asia. It celebrates the harvest and it is a time to be thankful for what the year has given to you and your family. It is kind of like Thanksgiving.

Moon Festival is also when the monthly full moon is the biggest and brightest of the year.

During Moon Festival, people eat moon cakes and hang up lanterns. Buildings and streets light up with colorful lights. Families get together for big meals, then watch the bright floats in a parade together.

Kids do not have school for one week and parents do not have work!

Moon cakes are big and round like the moon. They bring good luck to you the whole whole year.

After learning about Moon Festival, the second graders were invited to try moon cakes. These were a big hit with the second graders, and David too!

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