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Parents Make our School Go ‘Round

Dear Saklan Community,

I am feeling incredibly grateful for our parent community this week. Not only would we not have a school without you (as you choose to send your children to Saklan each day), but there are so many aspects of our school that are supported by your hard work.

Building community in a pandemic has been challenging, but I have seen many strong bonds form despite that. Some were made just by families simply walking to their cars after school. Even without our usual multitude of in-person events, our Parent Association (PA) and room parents found a way to bring the parents together, and I see and appreciate it.

We’ve had a fantastic start to this school year! And while there will always be challenges to work through, we know we can rely on the support and partnership of our parent community. 

Thank you for your trust in our teachers. Thank you for being curious about what your child comes home to share. Thank you for giving us feedback so we can communicate well and work together. Thank you for being an integral part of every single day at school. 

We are a team, and we appreciate your continued understanding of that commitment. 

In keeping with this teamwork, I would encourage you to attend the upcoming PA events. Much thought and planning go into creating opportunities for parents to connect. We know it does not work for all families, and work schedules may be inflexible, but if you do have the time, please join us for the following:

  • October 15th: Parent Coffee after CLAS
  • October 24th: Halloween Family Fun Fest 1 pm -3 pm (Moraga Commons)
  • November 9th: Parent Ed Series: Does Your Family have the Sugar Blues? (virtual evening)
  • November 12th: Parent Coffee after CLAS

In closing, thank you. Now that I am a parent at this school, I have a new lens on this experience. I am impressed with the things my daughter comes home and shares, and my family is benefitting directly from what this community can do together. 

In gratitude,


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