Fifth Grade State Projects

Saklan fifth graders have been hard at work on their State Report Binders and State Floats, and this week they were able to present all they had learned!

To begin the project, each student chose a state that they were interested in learning more about. Many of the students had personal connections to their selected state, which included Nevada, Hawaii, Maine, New York, and more! They were all excited to begin research to see what information they could find for their binders.

Each binder consisted of eight chapters, informing readers on various state facts. Students also drew the state bird, flower, and flag, and a map of the state that included a map key, major rivers, the state capital, and all of the states that are along the border.

Students were also able to pick an activity associated with their state to bring their presentation to life. Many students chose to make a food related to their state, which they brought in to share with the class following their oral presentations.

The project also required students to create a state float, which could visually represent many of the facts that were researched for their binders.

Each student did an amazing job on their project and learned so many about their state, which they could share with the whole class. Way to go, fifth graders!


Author: The Saklan School Friday Blog

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