Homes Around the World

First grade learned about Homes from Around the World. They learned a lot about countries, climate, culture, and resources. They discussed how factors affect the type of home you build, such as cultural influences.  The students also talked about what homes have in common; people make them, people live in them, and they keep us safe or our shelter. Homes all look different and they are made with different materials or natural resources.  First grade students had a great time working on their project boards and they were able to share a video presentation report to their families.

To end this informative and fun unit, the class had a memorable field experience at the Avant’s Barn House. Mr. Cris Avant, a Saklan parent, was so gracious to share his knowledge and expertise in building homes. He is the owner of Canyon Design Build and he rebuilt the Historic Moraga Barn LEED to Platinum standards. On Wednesday, Mr. Chris showed the first graders how he reconstructed this 109-year-old building with solar roof tiles, passive heating and cooling and rainwater catchment systems. The kids were able to view a presentation on home construction, a slideshow of some old buildings being remodeled, and a tour where tools were used for construction use. At the end of the tour, the kids all had a wonderful experience riding a dump truck!


Author: The Saklan School Friday Blog

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