Hoot Owl Volcanoes

After learning all about the volcanoes that exist on Earth, Mars, and Venus, the Hoot Owls in Ms. Traci’s class decided they wanted to learn more about volcanoes in general. Before they started their exploration of the topic, Ms. Traci asked the students what they already knew:

“They erupt lava.”
“When a volcano erupts and goes in the ocean it turns to stone.”
“You can’t go inside a volcano because they are hot.”
“You don’t want to run to a volcano because you might bump your head.”

The Hoot Owls read some non-fiction books about volcanoes, and then set out to build their own volcano out of paper mache. They also built an entire city to around the base of the volcano, including a zoo, candy store, and toy store.

When it was time to make the volcano erupt, the students made predictions as to what would happen:

“I think it’s going to explode with white and orange lava coming out of the top and it’s going to hit the city and at the other side there is going to be a puddle of lava.”

“Here’s the hot lava down here and the little blue stuff are houses down here. And their grass got burnt by the hot lava.

“I think maybe it will explode and it will slip off the table and go into cement and then onto the wood chips and sink, sink, sink.”

Using baking soda and vinegar, the Hoot Owls made the volcano erupt four times! The city remained mostly safe until the fourth eruption, when the candy shop suffered minor damages.


Author: The Saklan School Friday Blog

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