Polar Bear Experiments

Winter has brought a fun science unit about polar bears to the Kindergarten class. The students have watched videos learning that polar bears live in the arctic, hunt for seals, have a good sense of smell and really big feet! One of the favorite parts of the unit has been the experiments the kindergarteners conducted to further understand polar bears. First, the children made predictions to the question, “Does ice melt faster in saltwater or freshwater?” Then they observed ice in fresh and salt water and drew their observations at five minute intervals while the ice melted. The class learned that a polar bear can smell a seal below three feet of ice, so each student, with the help of a yard stick, tried to smell a Swedish Fish in an ice cube three feet below their nose. Next, the children experienced ice cold water with one hand covered in a bag of Crisco or blubber, and the other hand bare.

The students have drawn pictures of polar bears during in-class art projects and made a polar bear paw comparable in size to a real polar bear. 

If you have questions about polar bears, don’t hesitate to reach out to our new polar bear experts, the kindergarteners!


Author: The Saklan School Friday Blog

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