Simple Machines

The first graders recently learned about simple machines. The class discussed what work is and what makes work harder or easier. Then they learned about the six simple machines, and how each of them helps make work easier, by participating in a serious of experiments and activities.

The first graders learned about levers and balanced a lever on a fulcrum. They had a bubble race and learned how a wheel and axle makes work easier. They also used a pulley to avoid lifting objects, and had an egg drop challenge. The first graders learned that using an inclined plane makes it easier and safer to move a load. They also made a paper helicopter and learned how a screw works. Lastly, the class made funny faces with persimmons and popsicle sticks and learned that the shape of a wedge was easier to use. The first graders had a great time learning about simple machines through these hands-on, fun experiments.

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Author: The Saklan School Friday Blog

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