Owlets Became Scientists!


April was a Scientrific Month! The month’s theme was Science and Springtime. The Owlets had an amazing time becoming scientists and learning about making observations, predictions, watching chemical reactions, why certain things don’t mix, and so much more.


The Owlets did a celery experiment where they filled cups halfway with water, added food coloring, added celery sticks, then made predictions of what they thought was going to happen, and how many days it is going to take This experiment taught them about capillary action. This is the process of how plants take water from the ground up through their roots and bring it up the stem, to the leaves, and to the petals. By doing this experiment, they got to see first hand how this happened because with them adding food coloring to the cups of water, they got to see how the capillaries carried the water up and to the top. The celery changed color to whatever the water was colored.


Another science experiment they did was wax resist cards. This is when you draw with a white color crayon, paint over with watercolor, and then you can see what you drew because the wax resists the water color paint.


The Owlets did so many more fun science experiments like why oil and water don’t mix, sink or float, and lemon volcanoes.

The Owlets also made Earth Day promises: made spring flowers and crowns, and did a chalk challenge where they thanked all the essential workers and people around their neighborhood. It was a fun-filled month!


Author: The Saklan School Friday Blog

The Saklan School is a private Pre-K through 8 school located in Moraga, CA. Our mission is to think creatively, act compassionately, and live courageously.

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