Owlets Have Fun With Science And Springtime!

The Owlets’ theme for the month of April is ‘Science and Springtime.’ They have started doing some science experiments and spring activities at home.

Their first week has already started with some chemical reactions by mixing vinegar and baking soda together.


Another Owlet friend had fun taking the experiment in another direction. She had fun mixing colors together and seeing what colors you get when you do.

image1 (8)

The Owlets also did a static electricity butterfly. This was where they made a butterfly from a construction paper body that was glued to a piece of cardboard, but the tissue paper wings were not glued down. Then they took a balloon and rubbed it in their hair to the static electricity which made the wings move them up and down like it was flying because the balloon got a static charge. From the static charge the negatively charged balloon was able to move the positively charged tissue paper wings to fly. One of our friends didn’t have balloons, but they still found other things to use to move the butterfly wings, like this comb to get the same results and static charge.

image1 (5)

The weeks to come, the Owlets will have more fun with science experiments and springtime fun like this spring egg wreath.




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