Hawaii Final

The 7th graders recently wrapped up their Hawaii field study with an interdisciplinary final involving five brief essays and a poster project covering a range of academic topics in Science, Humanities, and Language Arts. The writing components addressed issues related to the environmental effects of human activity on the islands, adaptations and evolutionary changes of the flora and fauna, and the impact of key historical events, like the bombing of Pearl Harbor, on the Hawaiian people and their culture.

Created by Phoebe K.

Students also wrote about the social-emotional challenges they faced on the trip as they tried to come together as a group and build stronger relationships. All of these essays were rigorously revised, using the step-by-step revision process the kids have been practicing in Language Arts. Finally, the 7th graders designed posters to educate the public about significant issues that affect the evolution of species, the environment, the ocean, or the islands themselves.

Created by Reese K.


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