White Light, Black Rain

2019 nuclear warhead inventories

After their Hawaiian field experience in February, the 7th graders came back in awe of the beauty of Oahu and learned about the sadness of the trials and tribulations of the Polynesian people and those affected by the Pearl Harbor attack. But, history did not stop after Pearl Harbor. Instead, it launched America into a World War with one of its enemies at the time, Japan.

In Humanities class, they watched an important documentary film called White Light, Black Rain. The film documented the devastation of Hiroshima and Nagasaki after the United States dropped the first two atomic bombs on these unsuspecting Japanese cities. Fortunately, by August 10, 1945 Japan surrendered, which helped to end World War II. Unfortunately, this launched the world into the nuclear weapons age.

In Humanities class, students will be researching the pros and cons on keeping an arsenal of nuclear weapons. Then, the class will prepare and take part in a live debate to understand the importance of research and preparation of a well-crafted argument, how to present in a dynamic way, how to listen and offer a rebuttal during the debate, and to learn the complexity of the nuclear arms issue in current time.


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