Talavera Tiles

The Annual Auction is just around the corner and the Art room is working with grades K-8th on inspired Talavera Tiles. The Talavera tiles of today are a specific style and ceramic earthenware from Puebla, Mexico. It actually originated from the town of Talavera de Reina, Spain, also known as La Cuidad de la Ceramica (The City of Ceramics), however, the Spanish settlers brought to Mexico this artform of glazing in the 16th century. The people of Puebla inherited the knowledge the Spanish brought to their people and created tiles with the colors and patterns they loved, which ultimately became the iconic Mexican Talavera. Many of us have seen these tiles in Spanish style homes, missions along California, and used for other indoor and outdoor decor.

After learning a bit of the history behind these beautiful works of art, the artists began to work together to create their own tile. Talking about symmetry and asymmetry, artists are working together in each grade to create a cohesive tile using color, lines, and shapes. Pictured above are the tiles after glazing and still needing to be fired in our kiln.


Author: The Saklan School Friday Blog

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