Toot! Toot!

January was a toot! The Owlets had fun learning about transportation. They first were asked what they thought transportation meant and some of the responses were:

“Going to school.” – Adeline

“Playing” – Alice

“Airplanes” – Parker

After they all said what they thought it meant, Miss Amanda explained that transportation is something that takes you from one place to another place, like a car, truck, airplane, bike, and so on. They then talked about transportation and learned some fun facts. For example, the first flight was by Orville Wright 117 years ago and he flew for a whole 12 seconds! The children read many fun books about transportation like, Old MacDonald Had A Boat, I Wish I Were A Pilot, and many more. The Owlets, of course, did lots of fun projects as well. They made different modes of transportation, they made a shape helicopter, and they got to paint with cars.

image2 (97)

The Owlets had so much bringing their own bikes or scooters to school one day. They got to ride them around the yard and even on the sports court.

image3 (66)

Before they rode their bike or scooter, the children got to ride the Saklan school bus! It was very nice of Mr. Chuck to take the Owlets for a ride around the block. It was so much fun!


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