Learning Spanish Vocabulary Using Peardeck


Studying a foreign language can improve your ability to analyze and interpret information and help you succeed in many other subject areas. We start with the basics such as vocabulary, grammar and culture. As with many things you want to learn, starting out can feel slow and unrewarding. When I started teaching Spanish as a foreign language, vocabulary lists and flash cards were almost universal practices among language-learners; however, here at Saklan students are totally engaged in learning their vocabulary using interactive tools like Pear Deck-Flashcard Factory.


Peardeck is designed to transform the way students interact with vocabulary. When you play Flashcard Factory students pair up and work together to create dynamic and engaging flashcards. Students collaborate to illustrate and define terms, making learning vocab an active and social experience. Research tells us that the more social an activity, the faster learning takes place. I am always looking for better ways to have students interact with themselves and each other to enjoy learning the Spanish vocabulary. Using Peardeck technology takes language learning to the next level. I am very excited to be able to provide a way to enhance the learning experience and make it their own.


Author: The Saklan School Friday Blog

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