Reptile Inspired Art

For the month of December, the Hoot Owls studied reptiles and had a lot of fun researching them. A guest expert from East Bay Vivarium came to Saklan yesterday and the children had a chance to see, touch and hold the animals.


Patterning is an important early math skill that is practiced often in the Pre-Kindergarten room. Hoot Owls worked on pattern making by exploring patterns seen in nature. The children compared the patterns of the venomous coral snake and the harmless king snake. Hoot Owls chose to copy the pattern of either snake while also working on their fine motor skills.


Process art focuses on the student’s experience while creating art, not on the end product. Process art allows children to make their own choices, ask questions and experiment. Students have the opportunity to make mistakes, explore materials and gain confidence while using their imagination and their senses. Hoot Owls thought about snakes and how snakes move while painting with thick pieces of yarn!

Hoot Owls strengthened their fine motor skills and sculpting skills while working with air dry clay. They used the information they learned about reptiles to freely create a reptile of their choosing. Careful! They might bite!


Author: The Saklan School Friday Blog

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