Learning With Pumpkins


Hoot Owls practiced some of the steps from the scientific method this month. First, they created a hypothesis when Miss Traci asked the Hoot Owls, “How many seeds are inside the pumpkin?” guesses ranged from zero to trillions!


The children collected data by counting the seeds into piles of ten. During circle-time, they counted all the seeds by 10’s together. They found that there were 493 seeds inside the pumpkin. Hoot Owls also practiced the concept of more or less when the teacher asked them if their guess was more or less than 493.

Hoot Owls learned about perspective with their first still life project of the year. They were asked to draw only what they could see while working on life-like drawings of three pumpkins. Miss Jessica helped the Hoot Owls pay close attention to small details and differences between the pumpkins. She asked that the Hoot Owls didn’t move the pumpkins because it would change the perspective of their art and their friend’s art. To help the Hoot Owls understand the concept of perspective a little more they read They All Saw a Cat by Brendan Wenzel. In this story a cat walks through the world, but the illustrations of the cat look very different depending on which animal is looking at the cat!


Author: The Saklan School Friday Blog

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