Meet Music Substitute Kimberley Lloyd

KimberleyWe are pleased to introduce Kimberley Lloyd, our long-term substitute for Mrs. Chaffey. Mrs. Chaffey will be on Family Leave from October 21st until January 6th.

Kimberley is currently studying for her Masters of Music at Holy Names University in Oakland. She holds a Bachelor of Education Honours with a specialization in Music from the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama. She has eight years of experience teaching music in schools. Before she moved to the Bay Area, Kimberley was teaching 5th through 12th grades in Australia using the Kodaly method.

Kimberley is experienced in chorale teaching and leading musical ensembles. She is very passionate about her choirs and she works hard to make sure that her students not only enjoy choir but that they produce quality sound. She has also led percussion groups and other small ensembles. Kimberley believes that the positive benefits of playing as a group are wide reaching; it boosts children’s confidence and enhances their aural skills. Engaging students in learning to read music notation and develop aural and practical skills is a basic and necessary skill that she is passionate about. She uses a variety of teaching approaches,materials and tasks to ensure that her students are engaged and motivated.

Kimberley has been here this week to meet the students and work with Mrs. Chaffey. We are excited to officially welcome Ms. Lloyd on Monday!


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