Yosemite Field Experience

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Last week, the 6th grade took off to Yosemite for a week of hands-on science, team building, connecting with nature, learning about themselves, and becoming more independent. It was one of our best trips ever. Between hiking below Half Dome, climbing through giant sequoias, seeing amazing wildlife and supporting each other when they needed it, we know they won’t forget their Yosemite trip. Here are some of the thoughts from their week away.

“I learned that I really like hiking with my friends outdoors and I really enjoy crawling through caves”- Bjerre

“I learned a lot about myself in Yosemite. For one thing, I thought I hadn’t packed enough, but turns out I over packed! Also, I learned my first assumptions about people are not always right. I thought some people were annoying, but after spending a week with them, I realize they are funny, kind and I like hanging out with them.” – Cassidy

“I learned that people want to get to know me more, I just have to open up more to others. We all actually have a lot in common.”- Ethan

“I felt connected to nature on this trip when Thomas lead me to a tree in one of our activities. It felt different and unique.” – Mac

“I felt connected when I threw a rock and watched it ripple and what that affected and that I was changing the natural flow of things. That made me feel connected to the moment.” – Dillon


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